Michelle StimpsonHello and Welcome from me:
Michelle Stimpson,
Chief Joy-Follower & Life Coach

Why Following Your Joy®?

Over a decade ago, I led corporate personal development workshops through Franklin Covey. And currently I’m owner of LifeShine® and work as a Professional Life Coach to help my clients focus on what matters most. Throughout these years in business, I’ve seen an especially consistent thread in my workshop participants and in my clients.

I’ve found that minimizing stress, prioritizing what’s most important, and feeling a sense of balance and fulfillment all boil down to one simple idea: The power and importance of following the things in life that make you come alive and bring you joy.

I began to notice the same thing in my own life, too. The more I paid attention to the things that jazzed me and that brought me joy…the more the magic unfolded for me. Ten-fold. In fact, the more I embraced this idea, the more I was richly rewarded and blessed with magical life experiences.

How Can I Have That?

Friends and colleagues started to ask: “How can I have what you have?” and “How can I experience all those great things you do?”

All around me, I sensed in others a deep desire and a yearning to live the good life. So in response, I started focusing my work on “following your joy.” And this blog came to life! The amazing feedback that started to pour in right away completely filled my heart; it was validation that a need for focusing on joy is all around us. And it’s up to each of us to do the work to let it in.

What’s the Purpose of the Blog?

Following Your Joy is for cool people who want to experience joy and live a life of purpose. The blog celebrates how wonderful life can be when you embrace gratitude, follow your heart, trust in an abundant world, visualize success, radiate love, and put forth pure intentions.

Within the blog you’ll find fun and inspiring stories (start out with the Best Of list), along with tips on how to embrace joy in your life so you can be your best…ultimately sharing your joy with others. You’ll also find great interviews with inspiring leaders who excel at following their joy.

Of course, we can all keep doing what we’ve been doing for the last (insert #) years, but that doesn’t necessarily get any of us to where we want to be; it doesn’t lead to the life that calls to us, the life we dream of.

Your Turn to Get Involved

For starters, take this pop quiz to help you slow down and focus on the present moment. Then ask yourself: “What are some things that bring me joy?” Here’s a great worksheet I use with clients to help get the ball rolling.

Like to see a little more magic in your life?

Subscribe in the upper right corner for the free inspiration. Check out my posts. Leave a comment (I’d love it!). Most importantly – think about how you will choose to follow your joy. Cheers to life and let the magic unfold!

Attention women: Want the gift of individualized focused attention on making positive change and reclaiming JOY in your life? Hire me!

About Me

At LifeShine®, I’m a trusted authority on Positive Change and Joyful Living, and I work with women who are ready for a change in their life. I specialize in helping my clients take charge of their life, make lasting positive change, and experience greater joy – I absolutely love my work! :)

Michelle Stimpson & Bill Stimpson_Tortola BVI

What brings me joy? I work hard and play hard. I’m a lover of life, classic rock concerts, Caribbean vacations (that’s me up at the top of the page, chilling in my favorite spot in the whole world – Tortola, BVI), road-tripping, and spending 24/7 with my best friend, soulmate, and Associate Blog Editor, Bill.

The inspired thought posted above my desk that keeps me in-check and on-track says: “This day will never come again. How will you follow your joy today?”

I’m delighted to share in the ride with you! Thank you for visiting Following Your Joy and blessings to you on your journey…