Corporate Manager to Entrepreneur

Jen Antila

Introducing guest blogger—and lovely client—Jen Antila. She is full of life and a poster child for following your joy! Joy isn’t something she even seems to “choose,” though; she simply embodies it and lives it. During our coaching relationship, Jen courageously made the leap from her corporate job (which didn’t bring her joy) into the world as an entrepreneur (where she knew joy would abound!). Watch Jen’s bold adventure unfold as she captures it all in her blog.

“To inhale Paris preserves the soul”—Victor Hugo

I went to Paris with five dreams in mind…
To reconnect, to fall in love, to unwind
To figure out my future career dreams
To begin new plans and create new schemes.

After two days, I had a choice to make
Pick three of the five – or fun forsake.
I chose to defer making future career plans
I chose my husband and fun – as Paris demands!

I engaged with Michelle upon my return
I was the student, ready to learn.
Michelle was a teacher, but better yet a guide
I probed my heart and mind, and began to abide.

I explored my own questions, was honest and true
I painted my own picture of things old and new
I listened to my gut and my heart and my head
I chose with purpose, didn’t sleepwalk instead.

I said goodbye to old patterns and ways.
I bid adieu to games and power plays.
My husband and I talked over my fears
We’ll jump together (after a few beers!).

Today I feel joy, freedom, and relief
There is a foundation, a strong belief
That work can be all that I want it to be
Fun, stewardship, and financial security.

I feel grateful for the opportunities today
Michelle helped me find my own way.
Guidance, challenge, support she did give
It was the light on my path that will lead me to LIVE!

Jen Antila & Dave Antila

Jen Antila is an entrepreneur—teaching people how to eat and live well, chronicling the journey at her Jen The Catalyst blog.

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3 Responses to “Corporate Manager to Entrepreneur”

  • […] Prose, Anyone? March 31, 2010 Filed under: Uncategorized — jennwoo2 @ 8:42 am Tags: Ask and it is Given, Goodbye corporate world Not sure if this counts as high-falutin’ poetry, but I’m proud of the message, even if it wouldn’t make the list of Greatest poems.  Check out my Guest Blogger post at my coach Michelle’s website! […]

  • Lisa Saline says:

    Michelle – thank you for sharing the story of how Jen went from Corporate to Entrepreneur. Those stories are always enlightening and encouraging to hear. Also, I am signing up for her Crash Course to Dinner Party so I can surprise my own family with something other than chicken and paper plates. Plus, I get to meet new friends who are like minded.

  • @ Lisa: Glad you liked Jen’s story–me, too! I’m so excited that you’re signing up for her class. You will love it and I can’t wait to see what you come up with for your family!

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