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Hello! As you can see from the photo above, I’ve been working hard and preoccupied with thoughts of how to make my blog better.

I could use your assistance! What got me thinking about this is a great quote by W. Somerset Maugham which is posted on my business website: “It’s a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it.”

See, I’m not interested in just “having a blog” or “being a blogger.” I’m only in this to make it rock. One of my friends recently said, “Of course you are going for the best—that’s how you roll!” My intention for this blog is that it creates huge ripples in the world! And if you’re not sure about that…well, just stay tuned.

A blog is driven by its readers, and that’s where you come in.

The background scoop

This blog started last spring because of a big need I saw around me. You may know that I’m a Professional Coach, and what I found in my work with clients is that minimizing stress, prioritizing what’s most important, and feeling a sense of balance and fulfillment all seem to boil down to one simple idea: The power and importance of following the things in life that make you come alive and bring you joy.

I began to notice the same thing in my own life, too. The more I paid attention to the things in life that jazzed me and that brought me joy…the more the magic unfolded for me. Ten-fold. In fact, the more I embraced this idea, the more I was richly rewarded and blessed with magical life experiences.

Friends and colleagues started to ask: “How can I have what you have?” and “How can I experience all those great things you do?”

All around me, I sensed in others a deep desire and a yearning to live the good life. So in response, I started focusing my work on helping clients tap into the joy in their lives.

And this blog came to life!

The amazing feedback that started to pour in right away not only filled my heart, but it was validation that a call for focusing on joy is all around us.

Why your help is important

It’s essential to consistently step back from whatever it is you are doing and ‘check-in’ to make sure you’re on-track; to identify what’s working and what’s not…and then make adjustments accordingly.

Over the last several months, I’ve researched, read, and studied what it means to have a successful blog. One thing I know for sure is that a blog thrives on its readers and subscribers (a.k.a., you!). In order to make this blog even better, though, I’ve got to understand a few things about what you might like to see.

*By the way, if you’re new here, first of all—welcome! And thank you for visiting! You can check out a collection of the top posts here to dive in and get your feet wet. :)

How you can help

Please leave a comment below with your thoughts on any or all of the following questions—I’d be honored. Thank you in advance for your valued feedback!

Regarding this blog…

  • What do you like best about it?
  • How does this it stand out from others?
  • How could it be even better?
  • What future topics would you like to see addressed?
  • What can I do to make this blog extra fun?
  • What else?

Your comments and thoughts will help me drive the way forward for the blog. While I may not incorporate everything that is said, know that your comments are appreciated as they will certainly help me to think broader and play a bigger game.

Thank you, and here’s to the best of life!

With much gratitude,

Michelle, Chief Joy-Follower

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13 Responses to “Your Assistance, Please”

  • Amy Thill says:

    I love your blog because it’s YOU. You always have amazing stories to share and you always leave readers with something positive and wonderful to think about. No need to change. Just keep being you.:-)

  • Janice says:

    Hi Michelle,

    I really like your blog. I’m glad it’s out there to enjoy. Thank you so much for adding it to what you do best – live!

    As a reader, something I would love is to read about “practical” experiences. How did you wake up this morning and what was in place in order to make your morning (and therefore your day) a good one?

    Once in awhile I’d love to read more of the nitty gritty of your days in order to live more like you. The everyday stuff that we can all relate to. I’d love to read more about the people who you come across in your daily living too.

    I guess, all I’m really desirous of is MORE!

    Keep up the great work.


  • Cindy says:

    Hi Michelle,
    I think of you often and enjoy reading your emails and blog. Just today I listened to Tom Kelly of IDEO speak on How to be an innovator for life. You can hear it at I know you will enjoy and connect to his message. I can see how his five points and the stories he shares will inspire your ideas for your blog and your work even more.

    YOu may also want to know about Sacred Awakenings that started last night, go to

    Love, Cindy

  • What I like most is that you are you and are not trying to be anyone else. What I like least is that the colors make me think of Barney the dinosaur, but that’s really not your fault:)

    How could you stand out more? Come write a guest post for me on World’s Strongest Librarian and we’ll introduce you to some new friends!

  • @ Amy: Your heartfelt comment really touched me…and how fun to see it first. Thank you for that fantastic unconditional support. :)

    @ Janice: Thank you for the sweet kudos! And I love your idea about writing about a typical day and all that’s involved. Will connect with you more on that one…

    @ Cindy: I appreciate the recommendations and am going to check them out. Thanks! And love back to you. :)

    @ Josh: Hi! Great to meet you! And thanks for the “most/least liked” comments. Sorry about Barney–that is definitely NOT my intention! Thank you for the invitation to do a guest post. I’m on my way over to your site and will connect with you individually. Stay tuned!

  • I love getting the upper of reading your inspiration… more frequency please!

  • @ Jen: Thanks, Jen! That is so sweet. :)

  • Jane says:

    Love the photo of you on the beach Michelle! It states what I like about your blog is that you are you…fresh and present. You help me smile, laugh, think, reflect and love a little more with your natural gifts of story telling and connecting heart and words.

    It is a unique blog because of the topic and there is only one you.
    You are so joy-filled, positive, fun, encouraging and willing to learn and grow.

    Thank you!!

  • @ Jane: Holy cow, thank you. Your affirmations humble me, and my heart is full knowing that the blog resonates with you so. Thank you. So, so much! I’m gonna keep on goin’!

  • Sharon says:

    you know I love your blog! I love the heart felt stories and along with that, I love reading the occasional stuff like “law of attraction”……….I have learned so much from you in such a short time and feel like a sponge just waiting for more! Bring it on sister!! It’s like you bring together the thoughts, processess, life adventures and meanings that I have and am experiencing ….by reading about your life…… helps me look at my life and go “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I can do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ” or “OHHHHHHHHHHH that is why that happened……………or didn’t happen!” and, of course, you have given me the energy and strength and power of intention…………and in such a short time, one of my dreams came full circle!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What more can a girl ask for?!?! :)))))))))))))

  • @ Sharon: Thank you!!! You have certainly been one of my biggest cheerleaders with this blog, and you always fuel me on to keep moving ahead…in the most fun and loving way. I am so grateful and so touched!

  • Ron says:

    Thanks for your continued joyful messages and for all the joy you bring to so many people. Have you thought of having a place on your website where your readers can share their recent “joys”?

  • @ Ron: I love that idea! I’m not sure exactly how I’d set that up, but I will do some thinking on how it might work. That is what I want this site to be about…a place for people to tap into–and share–their joys. Thank you! And thank you for always cheering me on.

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