Sincere deep gratitude and appreciation for all the love, the affirmations, the nods, and the thumbs-up from so many of you as this blog continues to unfold. Thank you for cheering me on! Here are some of your heartfelt comments scattered throughout the site…


“I was so moved by your blog, and every time I read your stories it fills my heart with wonder at how great this life is!”

“What a beautiful message and amazing life experience; it helped me more than you will ever know.”

“You have always showed your joy on your sleeve; it is captivating and inspirational.”

“Your blog is touching so many in awe-inspiring ways.”

“There’s nothing more powerful than a Coach like you ‘walking the walk.’”

“This was the jolt I needed to focus on the present.”

“It never ceases to amaze me how I feel after reading something on your blog. I tend to come here when I need something uplifting or a day ‘boost’. I come to your blog at times to find peace. Keep the stories coming…I love it here.”

“You repeatedly show how anything, I mean ANYTHING, can happen.”

“Your experiences, your powerful beliefs, and your guidance help me remember how to be the person I want to be and live the way my heart directs me.”

“Your blog is validation for me to continue on my path, to follow my intention.”

“I have been sitting here speechless for several minutes soaking in the beauty.”

“It’s always when I’m wondering and questioning myself that your messages come and I’m inspired to be a better person! Your words comfort me and remind me to love and that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be and doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing.”

“You have inspired me to follow my JOY!”

“Thank you for sharing a ‘goosebumps story’!”

“Your blog is really a bright spot for me and helps me put things in perspective. Thanks for your positive attitude; you constantly amaze me and remind me that life is what you make of it.”

“Your compassion and optimism drives me to be a better person just by reading your stories.”

“Wow! I am in tears—joyful, tender tears.”

“Your stories are the most amazing examples of how the Universe guides pure intentions.”

“What you’ve written here today is so beautiful and such a gift to those who woke up this morning wondering, ‘What value does my energy add on this earth?’ I was one of those people. I sat outside this afternoon pondering it…and then your story reminded me very clearly what my life truly means.”

“Thank you for sharing and spreading the joy!”

“This is one of my favorite stories—of all time—from anyone, anywhere.”

“Your blog provides a really great mini-vacation during the busy workday!”

“I so enjoy your stories, and you inspire me to really go for what makes me happy and not settle for anything less.”

“Because of your blog, I am learning that joy is showing up all of the time; I have begun to open up my heart and eyes in a way that I never thought possible—it’s so expansive and fun!”

“Wow, once again when I’m feeling a bit down, I read your blog and my heart lifts.”

“Keep spreading this message because there are millions of others in the world who could use it.”

“This is a very special story that resonates deeply. I was having a very stressful day so I popped on to your blog to read your latest entry. By the time I reached the end of the story I was smiling and felt completely at peace. Thank you, my friend!”

“What an amazing story! It’s very inspiring. Keep ’em coming!”

“Wow, this one really hit home for me. Thank you for continuing to give me ‘a-ha!’ moments.

“Your personal life experiences open my eyes to how life should be lived; know that you touched my heart today.”

Keep writing…you’re blessing the world.”

“What a great blog! That said more and meant more to me than you can ever believe—thank you!”

“Oh my gosh, that story is incredible! Every word had me riveted, and touched my soul deeply. What a glorious experience to have not only for yourself, but to share with your husband! So much love there…I’m grateful I read your words today.”

“Guess I have to thank my angels for giving me your blog tonight.”

“Your words hit my eyes like an easy conversation, yet the messages are so deep.”

“Your blog was beautiful and inspired me to find a way to celebrate my own life today. So much of what you wrote resonated with me and made me count my blessings twice.”

“This touched me so deeply. Words cannot explain! Please keep doing what you do so beautifully!”

“I was once again blown away by your story!”

“Honestly, your story was probably one of the most beautifully written stories I’ve ever read! I will forever keep this story and hold it close to my heart…thank you for your amazing gift!”

“Beautiful post. I’m speechless! Your stories are captivating and your lesson is rich! Thank you!”

“Again you hit the nail on the head.”

“Your life’s work is about helping people find and focus on the positives in their lives and your writing is always inspirational.”

“I needed to read your blog today. After reading this I know which way I am going. Thank you.”

“Reading your blog is like therapy for me. Keep up the great work!”

“Your stories reaffirm for me the power of intention, and that the Law of Attraction really does work! You are a master manifestor.”

“I dare anyone to read and not smile at the joy of living life in the moment!”

“Thanks for the uplifting ‘kick’ to push up out of our comfort zones and realize our true potential! I feel re-energized after reading your post!”

“Here’s to celebrating life at its fullest!”

“Your infectiously positive attitude shines through and really, truly helps me to be a happier, more appreciative person, realizing that life is just too short not to enjoy it all—including the little things.”

“You guys remind us all of the blessings marriage can be when two friends take care of their love in the way you do.”

“This post is the pinnacle of following your joy. Well done—and thank you for sharing your spark with the rest of us!”

“You and Bill are such an inspiration for truly living in joy!”

“My mind has been opened wider than ever from reading your blog.”

“You have a healing joy about you that brightens everything you touch!”

“After reading your blog, I feel so much more positive about life and reinvigorated to look for joy in each day.”

“Your life is so encouraging and tender-hearted. You and Bill certainly are leaving the greatest footprints for our lives.”

“What a beautiful story that fills our hearts and souls with the power of love!”

“You help me smile, laugh, think, reflect, and love a little more with your natural gifts of story-telling and connecting heart and words.”

“You have amazing stories to share and you always leave readers with something positive and wonderful to think about.”

“You are a master storyteller, and I get a tear in my eye every time I read your posts. The impact you and Bill have on others just by sharing your life is tremendous!”

“You have a natural ability to encourage and comfort us, and your writing skills are picture-perfect.”

“Your stories put a smile on my face and in my heart.”

“Your posts strengthen my belief in the ‘possible.’”

“Today I needed to find some good reading material to get me out of fear-based thinking. So I went to your blog and I’m feeling better already!”

“You’re making an impact and I tell all of my friends about your site!”

“You have inspired me to be more thoughtful, more purposeful, and really try to live in the moment.”

“Your stories, your conviction, your passion uplifts us all. We all want to be more like you—living each day in awe of living each day!”

“Beautiful, raw, honest, positive, inspiring.”

“I think it takes great courage to be so honest, and it’s one of the reasons I love your blog.”

“Your ability to find something good in every situation is so inspiring.”

“Your open heart, willingness to share what’s real, and vibrant energy are just what this world needs. It’s so clear that your success is intrinsically tied to your genuine nature and desire to help people experience what’s possible when you leap toward joy.”

“You have been an inspiration to me, helping others make life the best it can possibly be. Your blog posts are so much a part of my life!”

“I just spent ten wonderful minutes with a big grin on my face! What wonderful stories and how uplifting!”

“I went from smiling to laughing to crying. I love being a spectator to your life through your blog. You lift me up and offer such perfect, positive perspective.”

“Best. Story. Ever. Love your blog!!!”