What’s Your Favorite Way To Party?

Concert Crowd

I love to celebrate life. And one of my (many) favorite ways to do so is to plant myself among thousands of others at a concert. Inside the arena, we’re all there for a common purpose: To revel in music that fills our souls, touches our hearts, and connects us with something deeper inside each of us.

When I go to a concert, of course it’s about the music and the artist. But also right up there at the top is sharing the life-affirming experience with an enthusiastic crowd. Bill and I love to travel to see our favorite musicians and we have a blast chatting up the locals and meeting fans in various cities…getting each other all riled up for the great show about to start.

Some goosebump moments of joy during shows the last few years that stand out for me are:

–A Vietnam Veteran next to me who sobbed during Neil Diamond’s “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother”; we hugged after the show.

–A 14 year-old boy next to me at The Who concert who amazingly knew all the words to every song and high-fived me after each one; he was in all his glory!

–A couple next to me who traveled all the way from Peru to see Neil Diamond; they both cried during the song “America,” and the man shouted to me through his tears: “Don’t let no one tell you any differently – America is the best!”

–A woman next to me at the Eric Clapton concert; she shared all her wild tales from Woodstock and the Monterey Pop Festival – what a piece of history she was!

–A grandmother and granddaughter team next to me who traveled hundreds of miles to see Barry Manilow (okay, the secret is out – yes, I saw him, too) and they fell in love with him all over again.

–A group of men in their 60’s behind me at the Paul McCartney concert, every single one of them in tears as they relived memories from their youth.

–And just last week with the guy next to me at the Dukes of September (Donald Fagen/Michael McDonald/Boz Scaggs) concert which was outdoors where we were continuously pelted by wind and rain. We finally gave in, got up out of our seats, ditched the rain ponchos, and danced up a storm – allowing ourselves to fully enjoy the moment and get completely soaked!

During a concert, for those two hours, we’re all the same. All one. We all transcend labels, judgments, and (our own) perceived limitations. We’re all there simply to have a good time and to celebrate life. Kinda cool that I had all those powerful ‘moments’ with people I didn’t know and probably won’t ever see again. We wove in and out of each others’ lives as our paths crossed because of the random (or not so random!) seat numbers assigned to us.

When Neil Diamond sings “Sweet Caroline” and the arena lights go up and all 18,000 fans chime in and sing along…I always pause. I pause to look up at the people in the seats way up high. I look all around me at the people waving their arms in unison, shouting out the lyrics, and most importantly – smiling from ear to ear. And I breathe it all in and revel in the notion that all these people came together that night under one roof to celebrate life and to feel good. What an honor to be a part of it all.

Those types of experiences and moments fuel me. They literally give me goosebumps. To celebrate life on that level is purely a spiritual experience for me.

So, how ‘bout you? What does it for you?

What’s your favorite way to celebrate life?

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11 Responses to “What’s Your Favorite Way To Party?”

  • My favorite way to party is with my family, hubs,daughters and grandchildren.

    We travel together, play together, laugh and cry together. We skype, we eat, we vacation at our cottage in MI together. We visit my 89 year old mom together. We reminise and visit their favorite childhood restauants together. We run road races and those who don’t watch the road races.

    We are there for each others pain and joy. We are everything except perfect togehter…because there is not perfections…love, isn’t it grand?

  • Sharon says:

    AWESOME blog, Michelle! gave me major chills! I am with you…mine is a Creed concert…front and center…..bonding with those around me…the last one was one of the best as far as bonding as the young guy in front of me and I sang our hearts out to each song and “pumped” our hands together after each one. He cried after one of the songs and told me “that song saved my life”……………I hugged him and told him that I was glad he was here with all of us. Music is THE language! love you, Sharon xoxo

  • Sharon says:

    ps COOL pic you chose..I can feel the energy and love and fun!!!!!!!!

  • Joseph Wooten says:

    My favorite way to party, is to be the person on the stage in the scene that you just described. I play for the Steve Miller Band and have my own band also.

  • My wife, Mary Beth, and I recently saw The Police and then a few months later we caught a Casting Crowns concert – two fun ways we like to party!

    I also like going to KC Royals baseball games (especially when they play the Twins, Michelle). A night at the ballpark is always good for my soul.


  • @ Tess: What an amazing family you have! And it sounds like not only do you love being together; you enjoy it. What a beautiful image – thanks for sharing!

    @ Sharon: It’s been a blast hearing about your fun experiences with Creed, and I particularly love the story about the guy in front of you. Very powerful and moving. Glad you could share in that with him and that he could feel your love. Awesome!

    @ Joseph: What a great win-win deal for us – our ‘party’ versions are the same, only from a different angle! And it’s obvious that you are thoroughly enjoying the party while you’re on stage; I feel that energy from you and it totally adds to my experience as a participant. Thank you for all the joy you bring to your shows! Look forward to seeing you guys again soon. :)

    @ Alex: Fun to know you like concerts, too! And I can imagine that a good baseball game has that same crowd energy as well. I like how you said it’s “good for my soul.” That’s the indicator you’re on to something big!

  • Pat Noren Enderson says:

    I enjoy the simple celebrations: good friends, a bonfire, a few bottles of wine. Also, going outside at midnight and banging pots and pans together.

  • Tim says:

    Hi Michelle:

    Wow, what an amazing post – I can really identify with you on the community experience of a concert. I’m a huge music lover and spent most of my teens and early 20’s hitting every concert that interested me. Some highlights include:

    – Seeing the Grateful Dead about 10 times in their later years. Nothing gives you a sense of community like a Grateful Dead show. And I saw Jerry’s last gig, where I had a premonition that it would be the last time I would see Jerry play live.

    – Seeing U2 on their Pop-Mart tour, the only time I saw the band live.

    – Watching an aging and gifted guitar player Robin Trower with the most incredible guitar face you’d ever see.

    – Watching Pink Floyd play in drizzly Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, WI. Magical.

    – Seeing Pearl Jam absolutely tear it up on one of the first Lollapalloza Tours.

    – Watching Paul McCartney with my ex girlfriend. She got so emotional, she was literally in tears the entire show.

    You get the idea. I can’t see as many shows anymore due to high ticket prices and money issues. But yeah, live music is right up there as my favorite way to party, too. Keep rockin’!

  • @ Pat: Yep, simplicity is a great way to go. And I have a new visual of you at midnight – I’m sure your neighbors love it!

    @ Tim: Hi & thanks so much for visiting the blog – always nice to see new faces here. I smiled at every single line of your comment and appreciate you sharing all those great concert experiences! Fun to connect with someone else who enjoys (and ‘gets’) the concert/crowd high. :)

  • Joni Wright says:

    My favorite way to party is going to Elvis shows. Tony Redmond is an amazing Elvis impersonator, person,and son-in-law. At every show, I look over the crowd and feel so fortunate to be there and have a small part (as Tony’s agent) in bringing so much joy to so many Elvis fans. Our most loyal and endearing fans are those with special needs — how very rewarding to see the joy on their faces!

  • @ Joni: Love it! I can only imagine what joy Tony’s shows bring to the audience, and I especially love the part about the fans with special needs. Absolutely priceless. Thanks so much for sharing!

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