What Are Your ‘Life Moments’?

Bill Stimpson_New Year's Eve Cruise

I’ve always been enamored by the idea of “Life Moments.” Those moments in time where life stands still and you are simply and completely awe-struck. They’re times of celebration; times of pause.

What are those highlights for you?

A few that stand out for me (which all include my husband, Bill!) are:

–Swimming with dolphins in Key Largo as one of the dolphins and her calf repeatedly swam just beneath us—and with us—beckoning us to join them in their underwater play, watching and following our every move.

–Singing “Hey Jude” with Paul McCartney as he led a choir of 20,000 in a packed arena; the house lights were shining brightly on all of us, with many concertgoers in tears (“…na na na na na na na…”). Goosebumps!

–Watching the sun set from Mallory Square in Key West, where thousands gather nightly to celebrate nature’s ritual; as the sun melted into the water on the horizon, everyone stopped what they were doing and paused in complete respect and reverence—you could hear a pin drop.

–Ringing in the New Year (see photo above) on a cruise ship deck with family and 3,000 other partygoers; dancing in the warm breeze under a starry sky to Kool and the Gang’s “Celebration” amidst noisemakers, confetti, streamers, flowing champagne, and fireworks.

–Renewing wedding vows on our 10th anniversary deep in the peaceful Redwood forest, sitting on a blanket underneath giant skyscraper-like trees towering over us and sharing a bottle of wine and words of deep gratitude with each other.

Once-in-a-lifetime moments

These special moments and how I felt will never come again; not in the exact way or precise form. When I think back on these precious flashes of life, none of them were things I could have planned; each extraordinary and unique experience simply unfolded right in front of my eyes in its own glory and magnificence…and left me speechless.

Following your joy involves being open and ready for these moments to take the reigns and grab ahold of us. Moments like these call for us to be:

1) Conscious and awake to our lives

2) Intentional about how we live

3) Appreciative of all that comes our way

What an exciting and wonderful part of life! The quote on my vision board above my desk is by good ol’ Anonymous: “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away.”


For another fun and inspiring post on a great run of life moments, be sure check out this one.


What is a “Life Moment” that stands out for you? Love for you to share!

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20 Responses to “What Are Your ‘Life Moments’?”

  • Pat Noren Enderson says:

    Standing on the balcony of our “dream house” on a beautiful summer’s day talking on the phone with someone at work knowing they were staring at fabric cube walls.

  • Great question, Michelle. Fun to look back and remember those moments that instantly stand out as highlights! For me, they include…

    * standing in the old Met stadium at age 14 or 15, under a catwalk that reached out into the audience, and having Jon Bon Jovi stop right above me and (I swear) look right at me

    * walking up the aisle and out the doors of the sanctuary after getting married, hand in hand with my new hubby, and feeling SO elated

    * the thrill of riding on a speedboat at lightning speed with my whole family on board, taking in the gorgeous day

    * whale watching on our honeymoon and having the enormous whales swim right underneath our raft. i think i stopped breathing that day!!!

    * Sitting in Springhill Mall in Illinois – probably in 2nd or 3rd grade – with my Nana as my beloved grandpa, Baba, went into JCPenney. When he emerged, he had a tiny pearl “engagement” ring for me so I’d always remember how much he loved me. I still have that ring!

  • Wendy Neu says:

    I had a moment in time recently – actually, I think it was one of those moments when I realized that I was doing “what I was created to do.” I facilitated a session of volunteer leaders at church and it all just came together. Not just from my perspective, but from the perspective of the group. They laughed, they shared, they learned, and they created momentum for the year. It gave me such joy to see everything unfold in a meaningful and valuable way.

  • Mom says:

    There are so many moments and many that I wish I remembered. I would say meeting my first, second and third baby for the first time. Seeing that God had made them so perfectly. All their fingers, toes, ears, eyes and nose. Truly breathtaking moments in time.

  • Sharon says:

    Great post Michelle! I have alot are you ready??!!!

    **Cooking turkey with my Nana Sandy when she visited us when I was eight….the coziness of Thanksgiving and the unconditional love of my Nana hugged my soul

    **Fast forward 20 years to when I was living with R. I was cooking one of my first turkeys and started crying uncontrollably at four in the am….it hit me then that my Nana was really gone.

    **Realizing after eight years with one guy that we “hadn’t even started the honeymoon dollar jar for Hawaii”. That was a bittersweet moment but a huge one for growth. I moved out not long after!

    **Several years ago when I was “taking a huge leap of Faith” and doing temp work and finding my way…..the true feel and meaning of “faith” hit my heart and has been there ever since!

    **One cool, very windy day in San Marcos, Tx when I was visiting a friend years ago…..we were walking out of a shop and right at that moment, the leaves swirled and everything stood still. At that moment, everything was “perfect”. I stopped. Closed my eyes, felt the cool wind against my face…a front was coming in…and it all stood still……..

    **watching my beautiful niece dance with my Dad at a relative’s wedding…..

    **Making it to Minnesota years ago in time to be with my Uncle before he went to Heaven…

    **Slumber parties with my hubby now!

    ** My first Creed concert in Indianapolis…the first time Scott S came out………my heart stopped and the world stopped and I felt an energy like none other

    ** FRONT ROW Minneapolis Target Center oct 09 Creed Reunion….Scott S singing….he pointed at ME and smiled and winked. A moment in time forever (and I will write more about that…it was a whole lifetime of happenings to that moment!)

    **Sitting in my cousin Jane’s van last year when she visited me in Fargo….I was so lonely for “family” and she came. We sat in her van and listened to your guy..Neil….Pretty Amazing Grace. A calm came over me like none other. (thanks again cuz Jane!)

    ** My sister kissing my cheek and telling me for the first time she loved me when I was moving out of state…..

    **walking out to the lighthouse on the pier at Duluth with my new husband! We just stood at the end of the pier and looked at the vast world.

    **playing water balloon with my sister’s neighbors a few summers ago…I was a kid again!

    Love you! sharon xoxo


  • I love the idea of celebrating our “life moments.” Some of my include:

    – Renewing my wedding vows with Mary Beth on our 20th wedding anniversary.

    – Having all my children home this past Christmas and celebrating an “old-fashioned” family Christmas.

    – Sitting at a KC Royals baseball game on a beautiful summer night sipping a cold beer.

  • @ Pat: Powerful moment! I have a similar one, too. It’s pretty cool when you start living the life of your dreams!

    @ Liv: I felt such energy and love from each of those moments! And I could picture each of them perfectly. :)

    @ Wendy: Yay!!! What a thrill for me to hear about how you used your strengths to help others grow. Great job, coach!

    @ Mom: Your comment really made me pause as you describe only the love a mother can know. So simple, so perfect, so beautiful. And fun to think of Bill as a baby!

    @ Sharon: I love how everything–from the big and small–grabs you and you take it all in. So fun to hear all of those neat moments.

    @ Alex: I feel peaceful just reading those joyful “moments” you experienced.

    Thank you, everyone, for sharing! This is so much fun!!

  • Lindsey Petersen says:

    I’m lucky in that I’ve had many life moments. My favorite ones are:

    We went to help open a soup kitchen in Guatemala, my daughter’s birth place. The people in Guatemala are so unbelievable warm and spiritual. My “moment” was during mass on Sunday when hundreds of indigenous Guatemalans had walked for miles, some barefoot, to attend mass.

    Visiting Costa Rica with my nature loving mom and watching her while SHE went on a Class 4 white water rafting trip wearing full sneakers, pants, sweatshirt and hat. Somehow she did not realize she was going to get wet!!!! She looked like a wet rat afterwards, but she loved every minute of it!

    Attending a Truman Foundation Award ceremony for my son who received this national award while in high school for his extensive volunteer activities. And he’s legally blind!

    Watching my son’s boa constrictor (I HATE snakes) have 24 eggs on Easter Morning. It was the most fascinating thing I had ever seen. By the time it had discharged all of its eggs, the snake was flat!!!

    Lindsey Petersen

  • @ Lindsey: Hi! I love the variety in those moments for you. I got goosebumps…and a big smile in picturing those experiences–which all seemed to be about fully ‘living’ life. Thank you for sharing!

  • I remember my first day at college- it was all so nerve wracking- but the welcome and smiles were so big when I arrived that I immediately felt embraced and “at home”! We immediately started to sing “We are Family” and “Respect”- not only for ourselves (the new freshmen women on the floor) but for everyone that cared to listen through the ductwork in the dorm :)

  • @ Jen: I’ll never forget that day, either–preparing for, and welcoming you all as freshmen in my section–not realizing that the friendships would last a lifetime. A Life Moment for me, too!

  • Jane says:

    The life moment looming in my heart is one this past Saturday morning just before we left a Carribean Island resort north of Haiti. Exchanging hellos with a gal at the tour desk, I discovered she was a young mom born in Haiti. After talking a while with her about her story, grief, hopes and needs of the country my overwhelming feelings for Haiti hit. I no longer could hold back the tears. The young woman got up from her chair and wrapped her arms around me in the most loving embrace. She tenderly said, “the whole world hurts”. Then she sparkled as she said, “God is in control.”

  • Hi Michelle!
    I love the concept of Life Moments. The way you describe them is exactly as they are, too, where time literally stands still. It’s a pretty spectacular and precious gift, those moments. Thank you for sharing yours!
    Have a great week! Jodi

  • Mark says:

    Thank-you for sharing some of the joyful moments of your life. It is through our awareness that we are ready to receive these joyful moments and when we are open and aware to all the possibilities we find these moments happen with more frequency in our life.

  • @ Jane: Wow, what a poignant reminder that we are all in this together and all God’s children; how cool that in that moment you could both comfort each other.

    @ Jodi: Yes, those moments are definitely precious gifts where time truly stands still!

    @ Mark: Right-on about being open and aware to the possibilities…leading to greater frequency of these gifts! How nice to have a new visitor to the blog–thank you! :)

  • I love your blog! Moments of joy…I have a lifetime of them. I was pregnant and married at 17, most people thought I made a mistake. For me it was a moment of joy. We had four little girls when I was 22. Now that was crazy. I had no idea the third pregnancy would be twins. Now that moment was another! And a zillion in between. This weekend I’m flying to Chicago to meet one of my daughters and two grandchildren for fun. We’ll be making moments there;)

    I would have to say all my moments of joy have been with my mom, my hubs and girls and their families. birthdays, schooldays, graduations, sporting events, more graduations, their friends, running races together, building a home and then moving to the city. I can’t even count them we didn’t even get into vacations and such but all in all it’s us growing through life together with, joy, sadness, pain, happiness and all those emotions in between.

    Oh and grandchildren…there is no describing it…I always thought people who said that were weird or old. I have to admit I am 56 and Mac, grandduaghter is 16 in April…now I know what they were talking about. Each moment you are with them is joyful.

    We celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary Jan.14. I didn’t mean to go on and on…you asked the question!

  • @ Tess: Hi! It’s obvious that family is very important to you! What a string of lovely, joyful moments you’ve experienced. Thanks so much for letting us in on those precious times! Enjoy the upcoming weekend in Chicago…I have a feeling it will be wonderful. :)

  • Sharon says:

    to Jane….Ohhh I am crying. The circle of love………what a beautiful thing. I have goosebumps………..Sharon xoxo

  • Mike says:

    Watching the sparkle in my wife’s face when she is happy, seeing the twinkle in my grandson’s eyes, and the hugs everyday. These are some of the simple things that bring me pleasure and prove that when I woke up this morning and decided that today I would be happy, I was right, again. Life is good, very very good.

  • @ Mike: LOVE the attitude!!! There is such simplicity in those joyful moments and they each made me smile. Thank you for reminding me of the ‘decision’ to be happy. Yes, life IS good! :)

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