It’s All About What You Love


Since February is the month of “Love” (well, every month is about Love, but if you step into a mall or Hallmark store–you know what I mean!), I wrote a guest post called “What Do You Love?” for my friends at Empoword.

Have you ever noticed how one word can get you into a certain mood? This is the strategy behind Empoword. Their products and services—focused around the ‘words’ in our life—help to strengthen us in our journey.

For example, I have one of their cool window clings up on my bathroom mirror that says “Gratitude.” So when I’m drying my hair each morning and my brain drifts to all kinds of trivial stuff (which it does), the word “Gratitude” always catches me. Instantly, it centers me and helps to remind me how grateful I am to be me, to be healthy, and for the day ahead. Of course, my morning isn’t necessarily always that profound; sometimes the word “Gratitude” simply reminds me to be grateful that I am having a good hair day or that Bill wiped off the counter when he was done. It’s all about the little things!

Back to “Love”: You can check out my post here. Special thanks to Stephanie and Wendy at Empoword for inviting me to write a Love post; but more importantly for helping the world choose positivity by becoming more conscious of the words we use.

What’s the word that helps you stay centered and focused?

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13 Responses to “It’s All About What You Love”

  • Yay! I loved your Love piece and I love Empoword. I’ve got tons of their mugs – lately I love drinking from my Wonder mug ’cause I feel like Wonder Woman! :)

  • Jackie says:

    The one word that keeps me centered and focused is “home”. I get so much energy and security from the home that I have created with my husband. If I have a bad day or need to recharge – I can just think about it and the love that it represents.

  • @ Liv: Thanks! You are the one who introduced me to Empoword, and it’s fun to have it come full-circle! And you ARE Wonder Woman to me. :)

    @ Jackie: I felt so peaceful reading what you wrote. I, too, love the word “home” as it evokes such a special feeling that is perfect and unique for each person. Thank you for sharing!

  • Sharon says:

    My center word is “BREATHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”!!!!!!!!!! xoxo

  • Thanks to a great session with Michelle today- my word is FOCUS/FUN. Or maybe FUNFOCUS. I’m going off to concentrate on that, and make it come alive for me today!

  • @ Sharon: You wouldn’t believe how many times throughout the day that I have to remind myself to breathe! Thank you for another reminder. :)

    @ Jen: Love your idea of making your word “come alive” for you today. Yep, we are in charge of setting the tone for our day, and I have no doubt that yours is going to rock!

  • Hmm, difficult to pinpoint one single word that does it for me. At the moment I would have to say ‘Awaken’. So many times throughout the day I feel like I’m less conscious than other times. So the word ‘Awaken’ reminds me, Hey! Snap out of whatever state you’re in, and get back in this game of life!

  • @ Eric: Fantastic and thanks for the comment! Yeah, it’s so easy to go through the motions of the day, without being truly Awake to what is happening around us. Love the idea about getting “back in this game of life.” Guess what? I have the word “Awake” up on the other bathroom mirror. :)

  • What a great idea, Michelle! I use an erasable marker on my bathroom mirror and have all kinds of stuff written on it, per the Feng Shui baguas. It’s been really great!

    As for what word or phrase I use to ground myself, I’ve been going back to the idea that I am Divine Love. I’ll breathe out thinking about it, and then breathe in, imagining I am the very thing I’ve thought about.

    It’s incredible how much energy surges through me when I do that.

  • My centered word is, “Faith.” Faith in my marriage, my children, and myself keeps me moving forward!

  • @ Megan: Hey, I never thought of writing on the mirror with an erasable marker. What a great idea! And I love the thought of breathing in and out with your affirmation. Breath is so important!

    @ Alex: The word “Faith” is so pure, isn’t it? Such a solid foundation. Thank you for sharing!

  • My word is enough, as in “I am enough”, or “I have enough time as I need”, or “what I did was enough”. It calms me and helps me stay present and joyful.

  • @ Candice: Oooh, good one. That is one that I constantly need to remind myself of. It helps me to remember that “it’s all good” or “perfect as is.” Thanks!

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