What Are You Passionate About?

This past weekend we had some dear friends over for dinner; a couple that we are very close to, and we even have the honor of being godparents to their youngest son. The four of us had a great time catching up on the latest and telling funny stories, all the while enjoying each other’s company immensely.

After we sat down at the candlelight dinner table, the conversation turned to work. Brad started off by saying to Bill: “Tell me again what you do.” And I could tell that Bill was about to give his spiel including the title on his business card and what, specifically, he did for his company.

But before he could get started, Brad surprised all of us—especially Bill—and said, “No, I don’t mean for you to tell me about your job; I know what you do.” He continued, “Tell me what you’re passionate about; tell me what you love to do.”

Woah. Since when has a “work” conversation focused on what you love? What you’re good at? What you’re passionate about? For many of us in business, we are used to spelling out the logistics, the details, the title, the grind…as though it were simply—and only—a means to an end.

The question seemed to take Bill aback, because he stumbled a while with his answer. But I could tell he loved the question and reveled in talking through possibilities and options that excited him. He thoroughly soaked in the significance of this royal, thought-provoking inquiry.

Who doesn’t light up when they talk about what they love?! Try it, just for fun sometime—ask someone what they’re passionate about and watch them come alive, be “in” their body, and share their excitement with true joyful expression.

The question at the table was so big that Bill is still letting it sink in and pondering it. I love that we have such cool friends who care enough to ask what we love.

So how about you. What are you passionate about? Love for you to post your comment below!

Note: You may want to check out this article to help you start to become more aware of what really “does it” for you. :)


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11 Responses to “What Are You Passionate About?”

  • Connie Lahammer says:

    Ummm, I’m wildly passionate about Michael Jackson and the Vikings…I would LOVE to find a way to translate those passions into a job. However, I’m also passionate about children and I’m a daycare provider so I guess that’s a pretty good fit although my first love is MJ! Thanks for another great post Michelle!

  • Maryse says:

    That’s truly a great question! Would be nice if everyone could ask that instead of ‘do you work’? I’m absolutely passionate about being a mother. I belive I was born for it. It’s my true love. I also love words; playing with them, and connecting with people through them. With them I can paint and play music whereas I cannot draw nor play an instrument.
    Great Post!!

  • Sharon says:

    …………I am passionate about the safety and unconditional love for animals!

    I am also compassionate bordering on obsessed with how important honesty is…..

  • Sharon says:

    ps how would you have answered the question at the table Michelle??! I love that your friend asked that!

  • @ Connie: When I think of you I always think of MJ! And I know you are a huge Vikings fan. I love that “spirit of life” about you! Your daycare kids are so blessed to have YOU as their safe haven during the day. And it is SO obvious how much you love your own children. :)

    @ Maryse: How cool to be “born” to be a mother! And what a blessing to your children. Fun to see how words allow you let your creative self shine – keep writing!

    @ Sharon: Ah, animals. They exude honesty at their essence, don’t they? So pure and unconditional.

  • Now here’s my answer to the question (thanks for asking, Sharon!):

    I am passionate about my relationship with Bill. Sharing all of life with him…the joys, the hardships, the learnings, the fun, the journey – ALL of it. This adds such richness to my life!

    I’m also passionate about being my best so that I can help others be their best (my coaching business!).

    I’m passionate about fully living life and the “experience” of life…and following my joy all along.

  • Cheryl says:

    I am passionate about life! Every day is a new adventure. I laugh when I say that because my Dad would always debate if it was an adventure or an experience – but he taught me to be curious each day. And his spirit keeps me mindful of the adventure (or experience?) that life can be.

  • I’m passionate about feeling passionate! I’m addicted to that feeling of excitment, anticipation, positivity, feeling good.
    Forget feeling stale! Passion all the way baby!

  • @ Cheryl: Cheers to the adventure and experience of life…and to your dad! :)

    @ Jen: Rock on!!!

  • Joy says:

    I am passionate about …mothering my children–they are the most precious reminder of Divine Love and I am honored to be their mother..
    …about living life fully–embracing the moment exactly as it is so that my Energy and the Energy around me is golden and pure for that moment..
    …sharing graciously of time, energy, resources from the abundance in my life…

  • @ Joy: What a beautiful sentiment! Not being a mother myself, I always appreciate hearing just how deeply a mother can love. Your children are blessed! And yes, living fully and sharing the abundance is such a gift! Thank you for reading and commenting.

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