A Vision Board and a Backstage Pass

Vision Board

A few years back, Bill and I attended a Treasure Mapping workshop. This class involved creating a vision board—a creative and fun way to set the intention for what you desire in life. And this new and softer method of goal-setting was a breath of fresh air for me.

Putting together a vision board encouraged me to connect with my heart, while randomly pulling pictures, headlines, words, images, and phrases out of magazines that matched my vision, or, what I wanted in life. The task was simple in looking through magazines: Go for what grabbed my attention, what resonated with me, what beckoned my spirit.

Noticing what was “calling” to me

In paging through the magazines I brought to class, I was particularly drawn to a photo of my favorite guitar hero, Pete Townshend of The Who, in action. I knew I had to have him on my vision board. For me, he represented living life out loud and giving life all you’ve got. I love that!

Then, the word “backstage” jumped out at me. I had to have that word on my board, too. What that meant to me was being involved in life; not in the crowd, not on the sidelines, but being as up-close and personal as one can be in the game in life.

There were a bunch of other phrases and words I tacked on to my vision board that reached for the stars in speaking to my dreams, my fitness level, my business goals, embracing confidence, and being a bit of a rebel (okay, I still have a bit of work to do on that one).

So I framed my new creative expression of art and put it up on the wall in my office. I smiled when I saw it but didn’t give much thought to the details in it. I just knew that it reflected a fun side of me and made me feel happy.

Fast forward a few months later

My favorite band, The Who, extended their U.S. tour. Cool, I thought, and Bill and I looked into some of the west coast dates to see if we could plan a spring vacation around a few of the shows.

Things moved quickly and we booked a flight. We combined a trip to see family, visit the wine country, explore the Redwoods, and of course, pay homage to our favorite rockers. The first show was in Reno, Nevada.

Reno Hotel

We made our way to this mini Las Vegas, and the night before the show, Bill and I searched for a bar to celebrate our first night of vacation. Within minutes of ordering a drink, we struck up a conversation with the guys next to us.

They ended up being part of the road crew for The Who!

We were shocked that we just happened to be at the bar where they chose to go (after all, there are plenty of bars in Reno to choose from!). We hung out with them for the evening, laughing, sharing stories, and becoming friends.

At the end of the night we exchanged cell phone numbers. The guys said they didn’t have any extra tickets for the show the following night, but we should call them before we head to the next show in Fresno, California, and they’d get us great seats. I told them I appreciated it but we already had tickets. “Get rid of them,” one of the guys said. “These will be better.”

The Reno show was great, of course. A night of rocking with true legends! And then we made our way over the mountains the next day on our trek to Fresno. A scary snowstorm and white-knuckle driving the whole way. The Who’s opening band didn’t even make it out for the next show.

But we did. Whew!

The magic continues to unfold

Once in Fresno, we made our way up to the ticket counter and gave our names, saying that we were on the guest list. In exchange, we were handed an envelope.

Inside, we saw that the guys had given us complimentary second row-center tickets. Amazing!

We had a blast whooping it up before the show with the locals and even got the attention and interest of the local news crew; they were intrigued with us Midwesterners traveling “all this way.”

The concert was phenomenal and the band was on-fire. We had a blast up on our feet, singing, shouting, and dancing throughout the whole night.

Pete Townshend_The Who

Then after the show, one of our new buddies who had gotten us the tickets motioned us over from the side of the stage. Before we knew it, we were whisked backstage! Got a quick tour and then straight to the band’s luxurious tour bus for an after-party.

Who would have ever thought?!

What a fun night with all kinds of unexpected surprises. Our time on the tour bus was quiet and low-key, and I’m sure you’re wondering so I’ll tell you now: No, we didn’t get to meet the band. That’s okay, though—that might have put us over the edge!

When Bill and I were ready to head back to the hotel, we made our traditional run to the In-N-Out drive-through and continued to soak in all the excitement.

The next morning as I awoke in our comfy hotel bed, my eyes shot open wide and I think I stopped breathing for a moment. As I was grinning and reflecting on all the fun from the night before, it had just hit me.

Soaking in the synchronicity

Everything that had just unfolded was a manifestation of the vision board that hung on my wall back home.

Seeing Pete Townshend…going backstage…and what I didn’t mention earlier is that on the joint vision board Bill and I created together was a cut-out headline that said “FRONT AND CENTER” in big, bold lettering. When I added those individual pieces to my vision board, I wasn’t implying that I wanted to be up front at The Who or go backstage. In fact, that idea had never even crossed my mind.

All I did was put together a few seemingly random things that resonated with me.

Look what happens when you remain open to where life’s road takes you!

The Law of Attraction states that it is up to each of us to determine the “what” and the “why”—what it is that we want and why it’s important to us. The “how” of it (as in, how it all unfolds) is up to the universe. There’s no reason for us to fret over the details.

There are more fun stories about subsequent shows on The Who tour later that year, including up-front experiences in Little Rock, Arkansas and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma…and ending up with Pete’s guitar pick landing right at my feet!

The Who concert

These last several years, I’ve learned that when you put an intention out there—and stay true to following your joyanything is possible. Literally! Need some more examples? Here are a few additional mind-blowing synchronicities and Law of Attraction principles in action!

How Synchronicity Led To A Front-Row Kiss
Rockin’ With The Who
Is Front Row Asking Too Much?
Neil Diamond, CEO’s, and Magic

My professional background and training involves a more concrete style of goal-setting. And while I still work with that method of planning to set myself up for success, I now balance it out and enhance it with a bit of creativity and more of a heart-focus, often using a vision board to help me set my intention. What a powerful process!

Interested in making your own vision board? Be sure to check out our friend Barb Laporte’s book, Goal Achievement Through Treasure Mapping, in the Resources section which launched this exciting new perspective for us!

Have you ever created a vision board? If so, I’d love to hear about your experience!

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13 Responses to “A Vision Board and a Backstage Pass”

  • Bill says:

    Awesome story! I’ll never forget that amazing trip, and all the “magic” that unfolded before our eyes. And of course, returning home from California — the first thing we did was go look at your vision board.

  • Maryse says:

    Great manifesting!! I did a vision board two years ago but I’m still waiting to see it come true. It was mainly about health. I’m not giving up but I’m learning to move on God’s clock.
    These days my vision is much more about feelings than actual events: I want peace – well being – love – fulfillment.
    Lovely to read you!

  • Curt says:

    Your rock concert stories crack me up. I’ve never known two people who have been able to draw so much attention and get so many perks from the big name bands. That is great, and memories that will live forever.

  • I just created my vision board… every day Dave and I look at it to see how our day relates to the goals on the board. What fun!

  • Barb says:

    In the 20+ years I have been teaching and practicing treasure mapping I’ve witnessed many amazing success stories, but few are as much fun and filled with enthusiasm as Michelle and Bill’s! Thank you for sharing this one, Michelle! What better way to follow your joy than to listen to your heart, create a treasure map, and manifest a backstage pass?!

  • @ Billy: How fortunate am I to be able to share in all of life’s fun with YOU? Love that we get to experience every little detail of it all…together! My fun-loving partner-in-crime. :)

    @ Maryse: So true what you said about “God’s clock.” Yep, the plan is not ultimately laid out by us, is it? We can help it along, but then we must surrender. Envision that peace, love, well-being, and fulfillment are all yours…right now.

    @ Curt: These last few years, I have loved talking shop with you about music, concerts, and the appeal of classic rock. And I love that you get a kick out of all our stories–I always know that I have a listening ear in you! Thanks for always cheering me on.

    @ Jen: I couldn’t have smiled bigger when you sent me a pic of your vision board–it is so “you” and perfectly represents what you stand for, what you dream of, and what you intend to manifest. I have no doubt that you are on the verge of big things. What an honor to be your coach!

    @ Barb: As you know, your class–and your book–was life-changing for Bill and me. Your teaching helped to seal the deal for us. I will never forget when we called you from the road in CA to fill you in on this one; it was a thrill to share with you how it had all come full circle. So when I say “thank you,” you know the depth of what I’m referring to.

  • Char says:

    I just love to read about your experiences with the Law of Attraction! I really enjoyed reading about your Vision Boards and how you prove that it is all so real, that you just have to believe!

    I haven’t made my board yet, but I keep reading or seeing things that keep coming at me that say “what are you waiting for?” I am going to make it a priority to make mine!

    Thanks once again for sharing your passion and joy of helping others see what is possible!

    Love you,

  • Renee says:

    Your stories are always so entertaining and inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  • @ Char: Thanks so much! Yeah, the more I hear stories and examples about how the Law of Attraction works, the more I am awed and humbled. And like you said, that “believe” part is such an important component…trusting that if it is meant to be, it will be. Sounds like those messages are nudging you that this is the right time to make your board. Can’t wait to hear about it! And love you, too. :)

    @ Renee: Thank you–nice to have you here! And thank you, too, for taking the time to enjoy the blog.

  • Lori says:

    What a great story. You know…I’ve been wanting to see Bono up in person for quite some time….maybe it’s time to get going on my vision board!

  • @ Lori: You know I support that one! Create a board for all the fun and exciting things you want to experience in life. Then take a breath and allow the magic of life to unfold! On my current vision board I have the phrase: “In love with fitness.” And I can honestly say that for the first time in my life…I now (as a result) love and enjoy fitness. I couldn’t have ‘made’ that happen, either–but instead I needed to open myself up to receiving that gift. It’s cool stuff!

  • Phil Bolsta says:

    Michelle, when I saw that you had attended a vision board workshop, I immediately thought, “I wonder if that was taught by Barbara LaPorte.” But then I dismissed it because I thought the chances were pretty slim. Then I saw you mentioned Barbara’s name at the end! Another small world connection! I was in a four-person writers’ group with Barbara for a few years but haven’t talked to her in years. It’s good to hear that she’s doing well.

    By the way, one of the other people in our group was Barbara Winter, who wrote a book I know you’d love. It’s called ‘Making a Living Without a Job.” I highly recommend it!

    Phil Bolsta
    Author of “Through God’s Eyes: Finding Peace and Purpose in a Troubled World”

  • @ Phil: Hi! What FUN that you know Barb – she is a dear friend of ours and I called her right away when we were on the road in California to tell her about the vision board magic that had unfolded right in front of my eyes on that trip!

    P.S. Thanks for the book recommendation. :)

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