Law of Attraction 101

Goldfinch & Law of Attraction

There’s a lot of buzz out there about the Law of Attraction. The bottom-line of this universal law is that the thoughts you have create your reality.

For example, if you’re constantly thinking about how bad your day is going…you just might be “attracting” more of that bad stuff to you. On the flip side, if you’re consciously being grateful for all the good things in your life, it’s almost guaranteed that more of those good things are going to show up.

Even though I intellectually get this concept and witness its magic throughout my life, I still appreciate the little reminders here and there that this universal principle is alive and well in my world! And just a couple weeks ago, one more affirmation came in the form of a beautiful, bright and cheery goldfinch (see Exhibit A above).

A goldfinch and the Law of Attraction

We have a lot of birds flying around outside the big windows of our townhouse, and we have fun watching their habits as they play around and go about their life, doing whatever it is that they do. Bill and I have particularly been drawn to the goldfinches—the way they fly, somewhat erratically, almost mimicking a bright yellow highlighter streak on a roller coaster ride past our window.

How could we see more of them in our area, we wondered? Neither of us had ever owned a birdfeeder and didn’t know anything about them. So during our Saturday afternoon errands, we swung by a garden shop. We could have just picked up any old feeder that looked good to us, but I wanted to be completely sure that we were getting the “right” one and find out what type of food to buy. So I got in the line behind the information desk counter.

When it was my turn, a woman escorted me over to the bird section and said, “How about this one?” as she rattled off the various types of birds it would attract. I replied, “No, I’d really like a birdfeeder that will attract goldfinches, so can you tell me what would work best for them?”

Bill and I were eager customers and quickly learned about all the various feeders and food. Just like any other purchasing decision, there were a myriad of options! But we were clear on what we wanted and left the store with a cute teal feeder that even had a picture of a happy goldfinch on the label.

Doing our part

We got home and it was fun to watch Bill take such special care with the new feeder–cleaning it, filling it with food, and finding just the right spot on the tree outside our big living room window. So he hung it, and within minutes I found him inside planted on the couch, resting on his knees and looking out the window, watching and waiting. It reminded me of what I must have looked like as a kid, watching and waiting for my dad to pick me up on Saturday mornings, which was the biggest and most exciting highlight of my weekend!

Together, Bill and I patiently waited to see one of the neighborhood goldfinches find their way to the new feeding station we had created and hung with care.

Thankfully, we did have other things going on in our lives that weekend, so we both left the viewing spot at the window and got on with our day. Then on Monday morning, we finished breakfast, got dressed, and just as Bill was walking out the door for work I yelled: “WAIT!!! Come and check out what’s at our feeder!”

So of course he bolted back up the stairs and together we watched a beautiful little goldfinch enjoy the food we picked out for him as he perched himself on one of the rungs of the feeder. It was almost as if we were proud parents, watching the fruits of our labor.

The Law of Attraction, simplified:

1) Feel the gratefulness for what you already have (each day we smiled and chuckled at the cute yellow neon birds as they flew past our window).

2) Be clear on what you want and ask for it (I asked the sales person to specifically show me the feeders that attract goldfinches and what type of food they would like).

3) Do your part (we cleaned the feeder, filled it with food, and hung it in a good spot).

4) Let it go (we went about our lives, trusting that “If we build it, they will come”).

5) Smile and give thanks when what you ask for shows up (our little aviary friend was the perfect reminder of a universal principle that guides all of us through life each and every day; we actually did say “Thanks, little guy, for coming!” when he showed up). :)

Of course there is so much more to the Law of Attraction and this is an oversimplified explanation of how it plays out in life. But this story of this goldfinch seemed to be a perfect illustration of “the basics” of this law in practice.

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Do you have a story about how the Law of Attraction has played out in your life?

Leave a comment here and let the rest of us know!

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2 Responses to “Law of Attraction 101”

  • What a fun story and lovely illustration of the law of attraction! Every time you see a goldfinch now, you will have this happy reminder of this great lesson. That's wonderful!

  • Sharon says:

    law of attraction……………yes, something I am learning more and more about………….an amazing thing!!!!!!!! :) Sharon xoxo

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