Rockin’ With The Who

Pete Townshend_The Who

I love The Who. And although I’m a new fan, in a short amount of time I’ve developed some pretty good stories. Sitting in the front row, hanging with the road crew, and even going backstage! You’ll hear more about that later, but for now I want to share what I think is the most powerful story of them all.

A trip to L.A. but no concert tickets in-hand

Bill and I had made plans to see the band on back-to-back nights at a smaller theater in L.A. We like to make a big deal out of our concert trips by exploring the city and doing some touristy things as well. So while the concerts were the catalyst for the trip, we also planned to hang out in Hollywood, drive up to Malibu, stay a night on the beach, and visit the Getty Museum. We also managed to sneak in a last-minute taping of “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno.

Most importantly, though, we were on a mission to see The Who! The two shows had sold out immediately, and we didn’t have tickets. But we already had our flight and hotel reservations in place, so we decided to plan on some great seats opening up at the last minute. And while it felt a little risky, we trusted that it would all work out.

I looked at the theater seating chart and hand-selected what I thought were the best two seats in the house: Front row, center aisle, right in front of guitar legend, Pete Townshend. I playfully and intentionally mocked up two concert tickets as a visual reminder of what I wanted with the exact section, row, and seat numbers. Then Bill and I each tacked one up on the bulletin boards above our desks.

Does the Law of Attraction work?

After several weeks of checking, still nothing was available (although, there were a few ticket brokers out there who did have some pretty good seats, but at a price comparable to taking a family of four on vacation!).

Time went on and it was the day before our flight left for L.A.—still no tickets in-hand! I gave in and ended up making the executive decision to purchase some pretty pricey seats through a broker, at least for one of the shows. I had the guy on the phone and the credit card in my hand. I remember Bill calmly saying earlier, “Don’t worry, there are perfect seats at the theater with our names on them, waiting for us.” I can always count on Bill to help me remember to trust in the process. So with my headset on, about to give this guy my credit card number, I checked Ticketmaster one more time.

And just then, the exact seats that I had wished for popped up on my screen in that split second: front row, center aisle, right in front of Pete.

Unbelievable. And for face value, too! There had been no seats available before that…or mysteriously, after that. And when I printed the tickets after the transaction was completed, my full name was printed on the tickets just as Bill said it would be.

When I told the broker what happened while I was on the phone with him (as he was simultaneously losing out on a big purchase from me), he paused and said, “Wow, someone is really watching out for you!” And in that moment I couldn’t have been more speechless, humbled, and awed. I accidentally dropped the phone, spilled my glass of water, and knocked a bunch of files off my desk, all in one move! My heart was racing, because I knew that something big was happening. Something much bigger than me or anything I am in charge of.

The gift of a support team

Once again, I was reminded of the sheer power of intention and a universal support team who is always there, cheering us on. How blessed we all are to have this available to us. What a true gift!

When you are following your joy and trusting in it, things become easy. And when you are clear on what you want and have pure and good intentions, the magic unfolds…and you are in for quite a ride.

The concerts in L.A. were phenomenal, and we were up on our feet rocking the entire time, sharing the music and enthusiastic high-fives with everyone around us…from the 13 year-old boy next to me feeling it in his blood, to the couple in their 60’s behind us who shared tales from their psychedelic experience at Woodstock. It was magical. And yeah, those seats were meant for us.

Roger Daltrey_The Who

Here’s another great Law of Attraction story with The Who: A Vision Board and A Backstage Pass. How about another fun front row concert story? Check it out!

Note: Just after writing this post, I went online to check for Fleetwood Mac concert tickets; we were thinking about venturing on a Midwest road-trip next week to see the show. We decided if we could get front row seats at face value, that would be the green light we needed to take the vacation time and make plans. So, within minutes of writing this, I got front row center seats for the show in Omaha, Nebraska. Amazing! There are definitely no coincidences. My takeaway? The more you are following your joy and sharing it with the world, the more those experiences multiply. There’s no way I’m stopping now!

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7 Responses to “Rockin’ With The Who”

  • Connie says:

    What a treasure you and Bill are to have in my life. Your experiences, your powerful beliefs and guidance, help me remember how to be the person I want to be and live the way my heart directs me too.
    What blessing we had – finding and falling into each others lives as neighbors…it was all in the plan :)

  • Gina says:

    Thanks for spreading and sharing the joy!

  • Maryanne says:

    Well done. You are amazing in your ability to manifest front row tickets!

  • Holly says:

    Great blog Michelle! Amazing story!

  • Michele Dettloff says:

    This is one of my favorite stories–of all time–from anyone anywhere, Michelle! Thanks for sharing it here. I like to call you a master at manifesting, but I know that I can do the same. Thank you for serving as an example to the rest of us of how life truly can be joyful if we follow our joy. The power of intention and the law of attraction really do work! I’m always inspired by your stories.

  • Ron says:

    Your blog gives me joy any time I need it. Thank you.

  • Thank you for acknowledging what I thought was a really powerful experience! Life is good.

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