Relaxing Into Being

Magen's Bay_St. Thomas

Have you ever seen Magen’s Bay in St. Thomas? What a fabulous place to leave behind any stresses, any “should’s,” any worries; and breathe in…life.

Similar to how a dog feels safe in his cozy kennel, as a beach bum I felt totally “safe” here on Magen’s Bay, too. The beach is surrounded by a cove; a magnificent three-sided wall of lush tropical green. There’s something about it that felt so comforting, and I was amazed by the acoustics—while there were hundreds of people having a good time on the beach, I noticed that we lowered our voices when we spoke, as if we were in a sacred space like a church or place of worship.

I was moved to take the above shot of a carefree grandma resting with her grandchild under the sun. Seeing the peace that enveloped these two reminded me of how easy it is to be “on-the-go” or to be busy “gettin’ stuff done.” It’s certainly not as easy to tap into the joy of life amidst that busy-ness.

On the contrary, joy is wonderfully experienced when we slow down, take a deep breath, and relax into being.

You may have heard the notion that we’re human beings, not human doings. Clever, huh? But oh so true.

How are YOU doin’?

Where do you see yourself getting caught up in the rat-race? And how does it affect your family or those around you? One of my clients told me recently that when she comes home stressed-out and overwhelmed from the work day and is frantically trying to get things done around the house, it impacts her kids big-time. And they take-on that type of frenzied energy from her.

As a culture, we’ve become famous for staying busy, active, and involved 24/7, moving us away from the quiet and the peace where wellness—and joy—reside.

Remember that around us ‘life happens.’ And there will always be all kinds of things going on in our world that we can’t control. What we can control, though, is how we react and how we choose to “be” despite everything else. While we might not necessarily be chilling on the beach, we certainly have the power within us to act as if we’re on the beach, regardless of the circumstance.

This anonymous quote posted in my husband’s office sums it up beautifully: “Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.”

Often, the joy in life is quietly disguised in the stillness. Where will you pause today, take a deep breath, and relax into being? For some additional insight, check out this story or this lesson to help get yourself in the mood. :)

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6 Responses to “Relaxing Into Being”

  • Carol says:


    Once again your writing is on point. I have been in exactly that place since I returned from my amazing New Year’s trip which moved me both emotionally and physically. For some reason I have not wanted or needed the television, much conversation, nor the telephone… I’ve been in need of stillness, physically. I decided to comply with what my body was asking for and rested every chance I got. Finally today, almost two weeks later, I’m ready to face the world as we know it, and even so I am taking it slowly. It feels wonderful to not be pressed to do things just to keep up this arbitrary pace we feel compelled to live by. I’m realizing more and more that what’s important is that I am at peace and I am healthy… so whatever leads to those two, is what I do.

    Thanks again for your reminders that encourage us to follow our joy… I do exactly that!

  • Tunie says:

    Lovely photo, lovely reminder, Michelle. Am doing A Course in Miracles now… and I think the greatest motivation for going each week is that we all get to stop for 15 to 20 minutes and simply be still and silent together. Rejuvenating in ways nothing else can deliver.

  • Maryse says:

    I was just telling a friend : “The only thing we can control is how we choose to experience the uncontrollable.”
    With joy and stillness sounds pretty good to me!
    Hope you’re well,

  • Becky says:

    So good to give yourself a break and relax – it’s not selfish and it is a great way to stay healthy and be filled up to do more good in the world.

  • Such thoughtful comments and great reminders to me, once again. Thanks, everyone! Love, Michelle

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