Is Front Row Asking Too Much?, Part I

We’ve all had those “defining moments” when we learned something so powerful, that our life literally changed right there, on-the-spot. This happened for me when Neil Diamond came here to Minneapolis in 2005 for two back-to-back concerts. It was then that I learned the power of being clear on what you want, asking for it out loud, and declaring it to the world.

A big Neil Diamond fan

Quick backdrop: My love of Neil started in the early 80’s, when getting tickets to concerts was a whole different deal. I skipped school one day in 8th grade, standing in line for tickets for eight hours! Through the years I’ve remained a loyal and faithful fan.

It’s been a fun constant in my life from the days of feathered hair and braces…to my wild college years…to maturing into adulthood…and to most recently hitting the big 4-0. Throughout it all, when Neil goes on tour, you can bet that I am there.

So on the day before the festivities back in ‘05, believe it or not, this huge fan (me) did not have tickets for the shows. While mediocre seats were available, I wanted the best. I had gotten in touch with all my connections, searched the Internet, and tried a few tricks. But I didn’t seem to be getting anywhere.

I started to wonder if I was going to have to pay a fortune to get those great seats I wanted, and I wasn’t sure what to do. It certainly wasn’t a good time for us to be spending extra money, and I couldn’t imagine how there would ever be good seats still available for such a high-demand entertainer?

When Bill came home from work, he could sense my turmoil about not having tickets, as the first of the two shows was closing in on 24 hours away. I told him about all the roadblocks I had come up against, and he stopped me dead in my tracks and asked:

“So, what exactly do you want?”

Daring to be bold

I sat up straight and said emphatically: “I want great seats the first night…and front row seats the second night.”

Then I flashed Bill a big smile and for a moment I thought that I probably sounded ridiculous. But I knew that’s what I wanted so I figured I might as well say it; he asked a simple question and I gave him a simple answer. So I put it out there, I let it go, and I trusted that all would work out exactly as it was supposed to.

The day of the show came and we headed downtown for a night of fun. I knew as a last resort we could count on getting tickets from the brokers outside the arena, even if we had to pay a premium. But when we got downtown, there were no brokers around, and when I checked at the box office, no good seats had opened up. Hmm. This wasn’t going like I planned. But we found a bar to hang out for a while, still knowing everything would work out…somehow.

Then out of the blue, I was overwhelmed with a feeling to take action! I told Bill I would be right back and shot out of the bar, running down the street to the arena ticket office.

Out of breath, I made my way up to the ticket booth and said to the woman behind the window wearing a headset, “Did anything open up yet?” She had seen me before, and she knew I didn’t mean just “anything.” I wanted the best.

It was just about an hour before show time. She punched a few keys on her computer, looked at me with a mischievous grin, moved her microphone closer to her mouth, and said through the glass quietly as though she had a secret: “I’ve got second row center.”

The power of trusting

Wow! The stars were aligned, and those tickets were meant for me. I couldn’t believe how excited I was (and I only had to pay face value)! On a bigger-picture level, though, the excitement wasn’t all about “the seats.” This was about the power of being clear on what I wanted, saying it out loud, and then trusting it to come.

I ran as fast as I could down the block, leaping over curbs and clutching the freshly printed tickets to my chest. I raced past a myriad of bars and restaurants that were pumping Neil’s music out of their open windows. I could barely wait to tell Bill! I found him at the bar exactly where he said he would wait for me. We hugged each other with a tight “Yeah, we knew this would happen” embrace.

We trusted and look what happened.

That night we allowed the evening to unfold and it was absolutely perfect. Neil was about ten feet in front of us much of the time, and it was almost like a dream as the spotlight behind him kept casting shadows on us! We had a blast…dancing and singing in our own little cheering section right up front and following our joy.

* * * * * * * * *

Concert #1 rocked; how about concert #2?

And so the drama continued. Next day, no tickets for the second show. We wondered what to do. My request for the second night was front row…but how could anything surpass what we had just experienced? And was that now asking too much?

Check out the next post to see what happened!

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7 Responses to “Is Front Row Asking Too Much?, Part I”

  • Way to leave us hanging! I loved that story, though, and you’re right — once we get really clear about what it is we want, the Universe opens up for us. And when we don’t know specifically what we want in terms of material outcome, I’ve learned to ask for how I want to feel in relation to whatever it is I might want (but can’t yet voice). That lets the Universe get creative in delivering me the very thing that will make me feel the way I’ve asked to feel.
    And always, I want to feel good! (smile)

  • Char says:

    Love this!!! I can just feel the excitement of knowing! Can’t wait for the front row story!!

  • Liv says:

    Michelle has taught me that anyone can do this – and now I can prove it! I have a similar “relationship” with Bon Jovi. When I first saw them on MTV in junior high, I was immediately smitten. And I don’t think I’ve missed a concert since! But I’ve never had seats like Michelle and Bill get. I’m usually happy with whatever I can get, especially if they’re not the nose-bleed seats! I have often told Michelle she has rock star mojo and that I need to borrow it sometime when Bon Jovi comes to town.

    Well, several weeks ago, the band announced a world tour that includes a stop in Minneapolis next April. I decided to ask Ms. Rock Star Mojo to help guide me through the process of getting good seats. The tickets went on sale on a Monday at 10am. The night before, I talked with Michelle on the phone. She encouraged me to carefully look at the seating chart and pick out the seats I wanted, with a first choice, second choice, and so-on. So, I did. Having been to countless Bon Jovi concerts, I know that unless you’re in the first couple rows, it’s hard to see anything from the floor. I also know little nuances like which side of the stage Jon spends more time on and where Richie Sambora plays guitar. So, I decided I wanted to be right on the side of the stage, in Section 101, in the first seven rows. I don’t know why I said the first seven rows, but it just felt right.

    I sent Michelle an email with that as my first choice, along with several other sections and seats that would still make me happy. The following morning, Michelle and Bill both got on the phone with me (now that’s friendship!). All three of us had our computers idling at the Ticketmaster web site as we set our intention to get the best possible tickets. They asked me if I was willing to pass up decent tickets in order to keep trying for the ones I wanted, and I said yes.

    At 10 o’clock, the race was on. All three of us were looking for tickets online and shouting out the seats as they came up. We probably passed on about 5 sets of tickets, hitting “refresh” each time. It was so fun; none of us were worried or panicked, just trusting that the right seats would present themselves. I closed my eyes and imagined the number “101” – the section I was hoping for. Within seconds, I heard Bill’s voice excitedly say, “Section 101, Row 7!!!” For a moment, I thought he was joking! He snapped up the tickets for me and we all celebrated (imagine lots of “woo-hoos” over the phone). I felt so empowered after those few minutes on the phone with them, reminded that we get what we expect and that the universe is conspiring in our favor all the time.

    From here on out, I’m expecting only great things – and an awesome concert in April! Thanks, guys – you rock!

  • Michelle, this is such a fun story and a really great lesson. Thank you!! I feel invigorated and I’m excited to read part two!

  • Sharon says:

    Hey Michelle! yes, yes, yes to the above post….and Liv…your post is sooo exciting to me…I experienced something very similar (thanks to my mind being opened wider than ever from reading Michelle’s blog) and I am enthralled with your story. Love you Michelle, Sharon xoxo

  • Glad to know you guys like the story. Me, too! And Liv…WOW! Your experience was just one more reminder for me that magic is all around us…if we only dare to let it in. Love that I have like-minded partners in this exciting journey of life!

  • Phil Bolsta says:

    Love it, Michelle! I write about manifesting too, but for some reason I don’t practice the technique myself very much. You have inspired me to begin doing just that!

    To Liv: I am sending this post to my niece Jessica, who is a Bon Jovi fanatic. She’s been to over 30 Bon Jovi concerts . . . and counting. Here’s a newspaper article I wrote about her getting her Bon Jovi on in 1989!

    Phil Bolsta
    Author of “Through God’s Eyes: Finding Peace and Purpose in a Troubled World”

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