Is Front Row Asking Too Much?, Part II

[Be sure to first read Is Front Row Asking Too Much?, Part I]

There wasn’t much time to bask in the afterglow from the concert the night before. This was a new day, and tickets needed to be scored! Previously, I said I wanted front row seats for this second of two Neil Diamond shows, and in the back of my mind I wondered how realistic that really was. And after such a fantastic experience the night before, could this now be asking too much?

But I held strong. Why not?

Expecting the best

Once again, there were no good seats available for the show that night and tickets on the broker websites were exorbitantly priced. As Bill headed out for work that morning, he pulled one of his Hawaiian shirts out of the closet and said, “I’m gonna wear this tonight. It’s my new ‘front row center’ shirt!” Have you heard that old adage: “Act as if”? Well, my trusting hubby was acting as if we would be sitting in the front row. What a great attitude to choose, and I figured I better adopt it as well. I had nothing to lose!

Our plan for the evening was to get downtown early and let things unfold again. But as a back-up plan, throughout the day we searched the internet for other possibilities. In the afternoon we checked online one final time. And not only had ticket prices dropped…but one special pair of front row center tickets was staring right at us for a ridiculously low price! WHAT?!

We certainly didn’t foresee it working out this way, but here were those front row seats I asked for!

So we grabbed ‘em.

Only two lucky people out of the 17,000 or so concertgoers got those amazing seats—front row, dead center. What a thrill!

Ready for fun

It was a beautiful summer evening and we finished work early to get started on the festivities. We love to make a big deal out of everything. It wasn’t just a “concert” to us, but a whole “experience.” So we enjoyed walking around, people-watching, bar hopping, talking with other fans, having dinner on an outdoor patio, and taking in the warmth of the summer evening…in awe of the city buzz all around us.

We felt so fortunate to have the best tickets in-hand and talked about what we wanted out of the night. With our immense gratitude in tow, we decided that we had a job to do up front. We wanted to show Neil and the band a good time, just as they have showed their fans a good time for decades. What a unique and special opportunity to let them know how much we loved and enjoyed them.

Once inside the arena, we made the trek down to our seats—down several tiers of steps and all the way to the front, feeling very special and having to go through a multitude of checkpoints. Instead of the usual, “Can I help you find your seats?” question from security, most of them just smiled and said: “You know where to go!”

We were pretty surprised, though, when we got up to the front. All the way along our row I was cheering to the other lucky people around us saying, “Isn’t this great? Aren’t these seats awesome? This is going to be a fantastic show!”

But I didn’t get much response. The reality: We were sitting around others who weren’t quite as thrilled with the opportunity. One woman had won her tickets and even complained that she was too close to the stage!

Taking our roles seriously

Okay. So after taking the pulse of the group, we did have a job to do. We felt so blessed and honored to have these amazing seats and wanted to share our gratitude and enthusiasm. We wanted to help create a lively and energetic mood up front. The band needed us and our section needed us.

We were up for the task!

And so for the entire two hour-plus concert, we were on fire. Our genuine full-faced smiles beamed light and energy onto the stage. We danced and clapped, yelling out the words to all the songs.

What was absolutely amazing was to see that whenever we shot up out of our seats, we’d look around and see the people behind us then follow and jump up, too; and then our whole section; and then the rest of the arena…all the way up to the top! Pretty cool. Even our new friends right around us were dancing and enjoying the show, no longer able to contain their smiles.

Mission accomplished.

Connnecting with the band

From our front row center spot, we exchanged smiles, nods, and acknowledgments with many of the band members. We knew they felt our energy there and enjoyed our presence. What an experience to be up front, and this time, the legendary performer who I had loved and respected since I was 12 was only about six feet in front of us much of the time! We were totally present, completely in the moment, laser focused, and enjoying every minute. It was definitely a “highlight-of-a-lifetime” evening for me.

After the show we walked across the street to a hotel bar. And on our walk from the arena, we felt like celebrities as people came up to us and said, “Hey, you were the guy in the front row!” and “How did you get those amazing seats?” and “You certainly looked like you were having fun!” Obviously, Bill’s loud Hawaiian shirt was easy to spot.

The best part was when we walked into the bar and one of Neil’s guitarists was there mingling with fans. We went over to thank him for a great show. And with a big smile to show that he recognized us, he shook our hands and said, “Hey, I saw you guys in front. You obviously had a great time and that’s what makes it all worthwhile for us. Thanks so much!”

So that defining moment for me a few years ago showed up in the form of concert tickets and an awe-inspiring experience. I was clear on what I wanted. I said it out loud. I trusted it to show up (that is, with a little help from my partner). I figured that everything would unfold exactly as it was meant to; things always, always do anyway.

We were supposed to be there up in the front.

Bill taught me the power of “acting as if”; what’s there to lose?

Gratitude and joy go hand-in-hand

I also learned that gratefulness plays a huge role in the scheme of things, and that when you come from a humble place of pure intention and playfulness, nothing is too much to ask for—not even front row center.

Since then, I’ve seen close to 40 concerts all from within about five rows…and more than half of those shows have been in the front row. And every time, there’s an amazing story about how it all happened and why it was meant to be. Truly mind-blowing. The common thread each time is that it all comes down to me following my joy.

Wanna read another great story on how the Law of Attraction helped me get front row seats to sold-out shows two nights in a row with The Who? Check out Rockin’ With The Who.

My very first experience being in the front row and how it impacted me was actually the catalyst for my initial blog post! It was with Fleetwood Mac; see it here at: Following Your Joy, Fleetwood Mac Style.

And finally, to see a really cool story about the pinnacle of seeing Neil Diamond from the front row four years later, definitely read this one!

So let’s wrap-up. Coming from a place of gratitude:

–What will you ask for that feels like a stretch?

–What will you do to “act as if”?

–How will you trust and allow it to come to you?

Enjoy the ride! It’s all worth it…every single minute of it.

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6 Responses to “Is Front Row Asking Too Much?, Part II”

  • Liv says:

    [Comment initially posted in part one] Michelle has taught me that anyone can do this – and now I can prove it! I have a similar “relationship” with Bon Jovi. When I first saw them on MTV in junior high, I was immediately smitten. And I don’t think I’ve missed a concert since! But I’ve never had seats like Michelle and Bill get. I’m usually happy with whatever I can get, especially if they’re not the nose-bleed seats! I have often told Michelle she has rock star mojo and that I need to borrow it sometime when Bon Jovi comes to town.

    Well, several weeks ago, the band announced a world tour that includes a stop in Minneapolis next April. I decided to ask Ms. Rock Star Mojo to help guide me through the process of getting good seats. The tickets went on sale on a Monday at 10am. The night before, I talked with Michelle on the phone. She encouraged me to carefully look at the seating chart and pick out the seats I wanted, with a first choice, second choice, and so-on. So, I did. Having been to countless Bon Jovi concerts, I know that unless you’re in the first couple rows, it’s hard to see anything from the floor. I also know little nuances like which side of the stage Jon spends more time on and where Richie Sambora plays guitar. So, I decided I wanted to be right on the side of the stage, in Section 101, in the first seven rows. I don’t know why I said the first seven rows, but it just felt right.

    I sent Michelle an email with that as my first choice, along with several other sections and seats that would still make me happy. The following morning, Michelle and Bill both got on the phone with me (now that’s friendship!). All three of us had our computers idling at the Ticketmaster web site as we set our intention to get the best possible tickets. They asked me if I was willing to pass up decent tickets in order to keep trying for the ones I wanted, and I said yes.

    At 10 o’clock, the race was on. All three of us were looking for tickets online and shouting out the seats as they came up. We probably passed on about 5 sets of tickets, hitting “refresh” each time. It was so fun; none of us were worried or panicked, just trusting that the right seats would present themselves. I closed my eyes and imagined the number “101″ – the section I was hoping for. Within seconds, I heard Bill’s voice excitedly say, “Section 101, Row 7!!!” For a moment, I thought he was joking! He snapped up the tickets for me and we all celebrated (imagine lots of “woo-hoos” over the phone). I felt so empowered after those few minutes on the phone with them, reminded that we get what we expect and that the universe is conspiring in our favor all the time.

    From here on out, I’m expecting only great things – and an awesome concert in April! Thanks, guys – you rock!

  • Sharon says:

    It just hit me with your experience how truly awesome the timing was. The first night you desired good seats…and got them. And the second night, front row seats…and got them! Not just once, but twice the power of intention worked! (and many more times we know!).

    I think it is mystical, magical, and beautiful, myself…but for those who like to “see it before they believe it”…this is it. I am feeling the power of intention so strong with your experience. You CAN have what you desire in a joyful way!!!! Such amazing stuff, Michelle…you have helped me to open up a whole new dimension in my life.

  • Hi Michelle,
    This is such a fun story. I love how you wished to make this not just a concert but an experience. And boy did you ever. This post is the pinnacle of following your joy. Well done–and thank you for sharing your spark with the rest of us!

  • Hi, Michelle,

    Thank you SO much for your online recommendation of “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay. I just finished it, and it’s AMAZING! I can already tell the difference it’s made, and look forward to the differences it will make in my future.

    YOU are amazing, Michelle…I hope lots and lots and lots of Minnesota women use your life coaching services – you have a healing joy about you that brightens everything you touch!

    Warm regards and lots of blessings,


  • Char says:

    Wow! You and Bill are such an inspiration for truly living in joy! I sit here trying to put into words how your experiences truly touch and teach what it is all about! Thanks again for sharing and continuing to bring others joy and the understanding of how wonderful this world truly is!

  • Thanks for the touching and heartfelt comments and great support, everyone! This experience was really the start to a lot of amazing things happening in my life, and concert tickets seem to be a great way to “get my attention” and show me how anything (yeah, anything!) is possible. Liv, your story is just another reinforcer for me–and Sharon, you’ve got an incredible story, too, and I can’t wait for you to share it here!

    Tomkin, SO glad to know the book was so helpful for you! It was definitely a life-changer for me as well. Thank you for the kind words and cheerleading!

    You guys all rock.

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