Who Are You: Answered In Pictures

If you read the last post, you saw that it was all about answering the question: “Who are you?” I’ve received several emails from readers saying this post really helped them clarify important priorities in life. So be sure to take a moment to read it first if you haven’t already.

Needless to say, after I published the post, I had the song “Who Are You” (by The Who) in my head for the remainder of the day…and week.

Then it got me to thinking that I should probably share with you what it reminded me of next.

Bill and I are both huge fans of The Who. It started a few years ago when we first saw the band live, and from the moment the rockers hit the stage—we were hooked. Since then, we’ve lived it up and seen nine shows in six states, always up close if not in the front row; we’ve hung out with the crew and made it backstage—I’d say that classifies us as official Wholigans!

A couple years ago the band had a contest where you could win an all-expenses paid trip to their show in Finland. All you had to do was create a visual representation of your answer to the question “Who are you?”

“Easy,” we thought, so Bill and I got to work. And here are each of our three entries. Enjoy!

*  *  *  *  *

Bill Stimpson _The Who Contest #1


Bill Stimpson _The Who Contest #2


Bill Stimpson _The Who Contest #3


Michelle Stimpson_The Who Contest #1


Michelle Stimpson_The Who Contest #2


Michelle Stimpson_The Who Contest #3

*  *  *  *  *

Not bad, huh?! We didn’t make it to Finland, and of course we were disappointed. But obviously it was not meant to be. That’s okay, though, we still look back at the joy we experienced crafting our entries and reflecting on our answers. I think we put in a pretty good effort, don’t you?! :)

It was a fun process to put words and pictures around “who” we are. Care to give this exercise a shot, yourself? If so, send it to us by July 16 and we’ll add your art to a post dedicated to you—our readers!

Rock on!

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