A Sure-Fire Way To Increase Your Joy

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When was the last time you experienced great customer service at a restaurant? Or the last time a service professional went over the top to help you out? How about the time someone did something really nice for you, just to make your life a little easier?

Most importantly, though: When was the last time you told someone how much you appreciated their extra special service or their over-the-top help?

Joy is like a boomerang

Within 24 hours I was reminded that the key to joy in your own life is to share joy with others. It’s a cycle: Dish it out, it comes back to you. Like the Law of Attraction states—put good energy out there and watch it come back like a boomerang.

Bill and I have a favorite deli near our house. And every time we visit, we’re greeted by a super sweet manager, Melissa, whose goal it seems is to give us the best lunch experience we can have. She lights up when we come in, goes out of her way to make us feel welcomed, and she has become one of the reasons we love being customers.

So I found the company website online and sent the owner a note of feedback about our experience at the deli and how much Melissa enhances our lunchtime visits.

Checked that one off my mental ‘to-do’ list. It felt good to do.

Along those same lines, I was recently visiting Bill’s dad in the hospital (you may have read about his story earlier; he’s home now and doing great!). I had some concerns the day I was there and requested to talk with a nurse, privately, outside of his room.

The nurse who met me in the hallway blew me away! She went out of her way to explain, in layman’s terms, the details of my father-in-law’s condition that day. She patiently and compassionately enlightened me so that I became more informed and less uneasy. She gave me plenty of space to ask additional questions, and I couldn’t have been more grateful. After all, this is someone’s life we’re talking about!

Later at home that day, I sent a note of feedback through the hospital website, in hopes that just the right person would hear about how wonderful this nurse treated me.

Checked that one off, too. Again, it felt good to do.

How it came back to me

The next day, two things happened. The first was that I received a personal email from the CEO of the hospital who thanked me for my feedback. He added that he’ll “be sure to recognize the nurse for her excellent compassionate caregiving of your father-in-law.” Fantastic! Just knowing that she would be recognized by her CEO brought me such joy.

The second thing that day was that I went to my favorite deli for lunch (okay, I think I’m addicted to their salads). And when I walked in, I felt like a celebrity. Melissa ran right over to me and hugged me and said, “Come with me!”

She brought me into the back room where a printed-out version of my email was hanging on the wall…with the supervisor’s words in black marker plastered at the top of the page saying “GREAT JOB!” She exclaimed to her co-workers as she pointed at me: “She’s the one who sent the email!” I was a little embarrassed with all the attention, but it was all worth what happened next.

After another hug, Melissa said quietly with such depth in her eyes: “You don’t know this, but you made my day.”

And what she doesn’t know is that by seeing and feeling her joy…she made my day.

The cycle of joy

The cycle of joy is a precious one. The more you give, the more you get. Want more joy in your life? Spread joy to others. It’s a sure-fire way to live a good life. It may not come back instantly, but it will always—in some shape or form—come back to you.

In closing, this reminds me of a childhood story that Bill told me a while back. He once found a four-leaf clover in his grandma’s yard when he was around seven. He gave it to her, and didn’t think about it again. 35 years later and shortly after his sweet grandmother died last year, Bill’s mom gave him something she found in Granny’s wallet. It was young Bill’s four-leaf clover from all those years ago, laminated with love…and now coming back to him.

Joy is certainly a boomerang. As Ralph Waldo Emerson stated wisely and succinctly: “Scatter joy.” How will you do that today?


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12 Responses to “A Sure-Fire Way To Increase Your Joy”

  • Yes, what we pay attention to grows – including Joy.

    Thanks for sharing Melissa’s story, too. We can certainly learn from her as we go about our lives and interactions with others.


  • I love your words, “the cycle of joy” and “joy is a boomerang.” Yes! No matter how bad the economy gets I never skimp on tips…in fact I give 25%. I feel like I’m giving people hope that the world is still a generous place.

    Today the Starbucks near me was giving away free pastries if you bought coffee. A way to get people in the door the barista said.

    I gave her a bigger tip than normal. If we all live in the cycle of joy daily we all feel a little lighter everyday. I think it’s fun not knowing how it will come back…If I kept a joy boomerang journal it would be filled with joyful surprises. Isn’t life grand?

  • Joan says:


    I love this! Your stories left me re-committed to telling people I meet what I love about them. It is so much more fun than complaining about what’s not working!!
    You rock:)

    Peace, Joan

  • Look at Melissa’s sweet, happy face! I’d buy lunch from her EVERY DAY. Let’s meet for a salad so I can tell her myself!

  • @ Alex: Thanks for reading and for being a partner in this beautiful journey of joy!

    @ Tess: Love that you don’t skimp on your tips. What an important way to share your joy with others! And I can only imagine how appreciated it is by those who serve you. It is fun not knowing how it will come back to you, isn’t it? The world is a brighter place because of the joy you are spreading. Thank you.

    @ Joan: The people you cross paths with will be all the more joyful because of you sharing what you love about them. Yay! And you’re right–it IS fun! By simply being “you,” you spread joy wherever you go. :)

    @ Jen: I see a lunch date in our (near) future. Stay tuned!

  • This is so great, Michelle! I am pretty good at telling people when I appreciate their great service, but rarely take that extra step to tell their supervisors. Makes so much sense and I will start to do it more regularly! There is a young woman at our favorite deli who my seven year old LOVES because she pays him so much attention. We go there specifically to see her and I realize now I must tell her boss! Thanks for the inspiration.

  • @ Liv: So delighted to hear the post inspired you! You’re favorite young woman at the deli is in for a real treat. :)

  • Jane says:

    Cool stories! You have always been a giver Michelle, of your time and heart and ear ever since you were a wee one. :) That was touching too about Bill’s 4-leaf clover. You remind us that one never knows the impact of a kindness. Thanks again!

  • @ Jane: Thanks, Jane! It’s so fun to share these stories with you…because you know me so well. Always deeply appreciate your thoughts and comments!

  • Michele says:

    What great stories, Michelle! It reminds me that it doesn’t take much to brighten someone’s day. I love the circle that 4-leaf clover made from Bill to his grandma and back again. It reminds me of my own grandma who found a 4-leaf clover but left it unpicked, only to remember where it was so that when I came to visit she could lead me there to look for 4-leaf clovers. I was so excited when I found it! I felt pretty special that she would let me be the one to find it.

  • @ Michele: Hi and thanks for commenting! Bill & I both read your comment and thought that was the sweetest thing ever about your grandma. How neat that you and Bill both have special stories about a 4-leaf clover and grandmas. Very sweet – thanks for sharing!

  • Make My Day says:

    […] A Sure-Fire Way to Increase Your Joy […]

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