Jefferson Starship and “Miracles”

Michelle Stimpson & Marty Balin
The last several years I have really paid attention to synchronicities in my life. Wikipedia explains “synchronicity” as the experience of two or more events that are causally unrelated occurring together in a meaningful manner. To count as synchronicity, the events should be unlikely to occur together by chance.

One of the coolest examples, that always makes me smile, is when the 1975 Jefferson Starship song “Miracles” plays on the radio. A few years ago, Bill and I went to an outdoor summer festival, catching this 70’s spin-off of Jefferson Airplane performing on stage. If you know us, we’re all about the front row and being up close, so we got to the stage area early to take in the summer sun and finish off our burgers and beers.

Just then the legendary rock band’s founder and vocalist, Marty Balin, came out to do a soundcheck. We smiled and waved to him, and I’m sure it was obvious that we were excited for the concert. So Marty asked if we wanted to come backstage and hang out before the show. We enthusiastically made our way through the gate and got fitted with special wristbands. We had Marty all to ourselves for the next half-hour!

A great time backstage

I swear, I lived another lifetime in the 60’s, even though I wasn’t born until 1969. I have always been so drawn to that era in our history when rock music changed the world. I’m sure I worked security at the Monterey Pop Festival or camped out in the Haight-Ashbury district in San Francisco or sold concessions on a rainy day at Woodstock. I know that a part of my heart and soul was definitely there during those pivotal times.

So when Marty told us all of his adventurous stories from the past, I was riveted. I know he picked up on our passionate, genuine interest. We heard about the club he opened in San Francisco in 1965 called The Matrix, where The Doors and The Grateful Dead were just a few of the early performers. We heard about tales from Woodstock and wild nights touring in various cities. We heard about the Rolling Stones’ Altamont Speedway Concert when Marty got knocked out onstage by a Hells Angel doing security (you can see it in the rock documentary “Gimme Shelter”).

We talked about Grace Slick and how she was the one who got all of the attention back then. When the song “White Rabbit” was brought up in conversation, Bill—reminding Marty of his age—said, “Hey, you recorded that song the week before I was born!”

In awe of synchronicity

The most meaningful part of the conversation was about our favorite song, “Miracles.” The details aren’t necessarily important, but what is important is what it left us with. Since that summer day and that deep connection with Marty, “Miracles” will appear seemingly out of nowhere whenever something amazing happens. Its appearance feels like a nod from the universe saying “You’re on the right path” or “Keep up the great work” or “Keep up the faith and keep believing.”

–It will play in the grocery store just after Bill and I just shared the most amazing and transformational weekend together.

–It will come on the car stereo after pulling away from an important meeting that is full of promise and excitement.

–It will be the next song on our digital music station when Bill and I playfully have fun with our angels and ask for a song to come on that is “just for us.”

–I’ll hear it when I doubt my abilities or if my confidence is lacking, as a reminder to love myself and keep the faith.

–It even played on the morning after the greatest synchronicity of all as we pulled away from our hotel in Grand Forks, ND last year. That was my special moment with Neil Diamond, and if you haven’t heard that story and are intrigued by synchronicities, you gotta check this one out!

Are you paying attention?

The world is looking for all sorts of ways to grab your attention; all kinds of opportunities to tell you that you’re doing great. There’s a different language that works for each of us.

For me, it’s music that fills my soul and brings me joy. Or it’s surprise concert tickets that just happen to be in the front row. It happens over and over again for me. And every single time, I smile and close my eyes and feel gratitude from my head to my toes, knowing that I’m not alone and that my cheering section is always there helping me along and riding the wave with me.

When you’re following your joy, you notice the synchronicities ten-fold. Because when you come from that place of abundance, your heart is more receptive and you’re more open to all the good things life has to offer.

Special thanks to Marty and his gang for lighting that fire inside me (and for giving us the wink and the nod when he emotionally belted out that song on-stage).

So here’s the amazing song that I’d love to share with you (drum roll, please). Sit back and enjoy:

Are you paying attention to the synchronicities in your life?

Authors note: Just as I was sending the text of this blog post to Bill to review, he called from work (before he received my email) and said, “Guess what song I just heard?!” You guessed it. “Miracles.” Needless to say, I was speechless. And then I heard it again–and so did Bill–just after I posted my interview with Marty.

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10 Responses to “Jefferson Starship and “Miracles””

  • Bill says:

    Awesome!! I lived the story myself, but I still paused to read it 3 times this morning…and I get goose bumps every time! What a great video someone put together to go along with this beautiful song.

    Miracles are everywhere, if we only stop to pay attention and let them into our lives.

    Thanks for the fabulous reminder!

  • Wow, I absolutely LOVE that story, and the fact that you're so in-tune with life's synchronicities. And Bill's call… again, WOW!
    (I have to read that Neil Diamond post, too, being a closet ND fan!)

    This paragraph summarized it for me: "When you’re following your joy, you notice the synchronicities ten-fold. Because when you come from that place of abundance, your heart is more receptive and you’re more open to all the good things life has to offer." I definitely see this in my life, and wish I could find a way to just push a button and always always always be in that space. It's incredible, and like you, I've witnessed many miracles in my life. Keep spreading this message because there are millions of others in the world who could use the same uplifting wink & nod.
    Happy Thursday!

  • Bill says:

    An interesting footnote: today there is no music playing in the hallway where I heard the song yesterday – makes me wonder…

  • Char says:

    I was once again blown away by your story! Then to read Bill's comments: I felt the energy on the top of my head buzzing!! Thank you for sharing and caring so much to help spread the joy you feel to others! I listened to Miracles and had not heard it like I did today, even though I have heard it so many times before.
    So fun reading about your journey together! Love you both!! I am smiling so much right now!!

  • Sharon R says:

    I totally get this with my recent "12 years coming together in four min" last week…..all of the molecules, Angels, God's Divine intervention and intention came together at a perfect point for me to grasp it and go with it…and I did…and I experienced THE most powerful happening of my life….I want more! It is truly magical and precious.
    love you, Sharon xoxo

  • Tunie says:

    Another wonderful post, Michelle. In D. C., I fell in love with a calendar with a series of inspiring quotes — the front of the calendar revealing one of them: Life is a series of thousands of tiny miracles.

    I brought it to the counter and the clerk told me I was lucky… it was the last one in stock. Another tiny miracle! ;- )

  • Thanks for the love, everyone. How truly blessed we all are to have miracles all around us!

  • Bill says:

    Yet ANOTHER interesting footnote….I was on my way to work this morning and at the exact moment Michelle posted the recent interview with Marty, you guessed it, the song “Miracles” came on the radio!

    That changed the course of my day –I’ve been smiling ever since… thinking of all that is possible.

  • @ Bill: Oh yeah, well guess what? On my five-minute drive to lunch a few hours after I posted the interview, “Miracles” came on the radio for me! The long version. I had to pull over and let it all sink in. This is crazy! And soooo powerful. We are not alone…

  • None of this surprises me at all. I call them cosmic coincidences and know that they are perfectly normal. I love this song…such sweet seduction:) <3

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