An Important Time to Give

One of my hallmarks of being on vacation is to be completely disconnected from TV, news, Internet, email, and phone. This time, though, the news was so big that it found me.

And I couldn’t ignore it like I usually do on vacation. I further broke tradition and was moved to go online now to donate money to the earthquake relief efforts for our brothers and sisters in Haiti. While I’m here, I also wanted to write about the extreme irony of where I sit as I send my money.

We’re sailing the Caribbean on a mega cruise ship where glitz and glamour abound. Most of us onboard weren’t even aware of the massive destruction unfolding in Haiti and continued partying on and enjoying gourmet cuisine, fancy martinis, and live jazz.

I was particularly struck by the moment I learned of the news later the following day. I had purchased a half-day pass to an elite section of the ship called The Sanctuary, an adults-only “pocket of tranquility” they call it. Here, you get your own reserved comfy chaise lounge, similar to a cloud on wheels. Cleverly named “Serenity Stewards” are on-call to cater to your needs (including the menu item titled “Evian Water Mist” for your face!). Really, this place is a brilliant little piece of heaven.

So as I sipped my fruit smoothie upon learning the news, I laid there a while longer trying to imagine the stark contrast of an island just a short distance from where I was. And then I had to get up and leave The Sanctuary because, well, it just didn’t feel right to lay there any longer.

I’m observing all of us here on the ship extra keenly today; where elegance and opulence are a way of life. Don’t get me wrong–I love this experience! And I thoroughly enjoy the extra indulgence and nurturing pampering. But I’m taking a break this afternoon to give my money somewhere it’s needed more.

Maybe you saw my recent post about the importance of “community” and how essential it is that we are here for each other? I hope you’ll check it out and donate in the way that you can, too.

Wishing all of us peace in the world and a spirit of compassionate giving.

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6 Responses to “An Important Time to Give”

  • Maryse says:

    It’s the contrast, isn’t it? The light and the dark. The happy and the sad. Always hand in hand. Byron Katie writes that true compassion is helping from that place of feeling good. ‘I can help you because it is not my time’ kind of thing. So what you did is wonderful: you stayed in your joyful place and reached out. There’s no guilt to be felt. This is your journey and it is good. Love,

  • Maryse made such a great comment that all I can do is bow to hers, and express the same.

    I continue to send prayers of divine love everywhere they’re needed.

    Be well, Michelle!

  • Connie Lahammer says:

    Amazing Michelle…you are so inspiring!! Thank you for these wonderful words….you have motivated me to give the cost of one luxury item or service (in my case a mani/pedi) to the people in Haiti. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and possibly motivating a couple more people to action to help our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

  • Clint says:

    Wow! Thanks so much for your powerful message! I was trying to put myself in your shoes as you were writing this. I can only imagine it was a hard time for you. You did the very best thing you could do – reach out, express yourself, and encourage others. There is such a thing as joy through tears. Thanks for reminding us!

    Here’s hoping the rest of your trip was as meaningful. Thanks again.

  • Sharon says:

    Hey Michelle and Bill! I tried to post a comment the day your message came out but my computer was on strike. I wish you continued safe trails, if you are not home yet….I agree with Maryse……..I could not have said it any differently or better…..there is no guilt….you have worked hard for this cruise and deserve it and yet the pull of the heartache is raw……….we want to reach out so badly and help and at times it is such a confliction in where we may be in our lives…..the ying and the yang….as Maryse said, “I am glad you stayed in your joyful place” you taught me with that that it is “ok” to do that and it is. Peace be with you, love. Sharon xoxo

  • Hi! You have all given me a reason to pause and remember how grateful I am for all of you. Thanks, everyone. What a cool feeling for us to all come together in support of humanity. We are all so blessed to have each other! With love.

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